Faculty Show New Skills in Annual Stu-Fac Basketball Game

By Eliott Hu ’25
Student Writer, Bearcat Sports Media

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Last night our favorite seniors and familiar faculty faced off in the annual Stu-Fac basketball game, filled with flashes of skill, moments of charisma, and tons of smiles.

Students, gathered in groups of five and came up with creative team names like “The Merchants of Death,” “Glizzy Army,” and “A Group Project." They dressed in outlandish costumes as they rotated playing through the match. With the game being refereed by varsity basketball stars Arop Arop ’23 and Leanna Wells ’23, it’s fair to say that they made some rather favorable calls toward the students.


The game didn’t start very well for the seniors as biology and chemistry instructor Paul Oberto scored four easy points. Jackson “JWatt” Watson ’23 responded by chucking two deep three-point attempts that both ended in airballs. Chemistry teachers would remain a constant weapon through the night as Pierre Yoo also put on an immense performance.

In the second period, Cole Foster ’23 scored one of only two three-pointers on the night, briefly putting the students up 5-4 in the second period. The second was a clean swish by Orberto, capped with a worthy celebration.


Of course, the game had to feature cameos from Dean of Admission and Financial Aid Erby Mitchell and Head of School Craig Bradley. As the duo that typically keeps the school running, they also combined for points on multiple occasions.

Additionally, the game wasn’t without its fair share of showboating. This was especially true for math instructor David Werner. A walking highlight reel on the night, he dressed in a retro jersey and headband, chucking myriad no-look passes to teammates like Latin instructor Kelsie Fralick ’11, history instructor Samuel Somera and environmental science instructor Mario Williams ’12. Unfortunately, his teammates rarely had the scoring ability to match.


Both sides had stand-out performances, like Alex Cheng ’23, dressed in a chef’s costume, literally cooking as he scored six points near the end of the match. On the faculty side, math instructor Dempsey Quinn finished the night with a cool 10 points.

However, in the end the faculty were no match tonight, meaning that seniors finished their Hotchkiss basketball careers with a bang, keeping the bragging rights for another year.

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