Tennis Hits the Courts

After missing last season, members of the girls and boys tennis teams are excited to get back on the courts and resume interscholastic play.

Both varsity teams have had the opportunity this year to play a shortened season of matches against a cohort of other schools, which has helped generate enthusiasm among the players.

“The varsity has been very excited about getting out to play and compete,” said head tennis coach Edgar Giffenig, who took over both teams last spring. Giffenig added that even though there is no official team record of matches this season, the teams are still approaching each match as though it were a regulation contest.

“The kids are still very motivated about playing. We’re trying to do everything we can to play our best,” he said.

Giffenig said he was pleased to see such high turnout this season. Nearly 100 students (39 boys, 50 girls) have filled up the rosters for all six teams, and the teams have had to add extra slots to meet the demand.

Much of the focus this season has been on the mental side of the game, said Giffenig. Players are working on learning to play with a mindset that is both focused and relaxed, and they should approach practices in the same way they would approach matches, he said.

 With Giffenig at the helm of both teams now, the two programs are beginning to increase their collaboration. The teams engage in conditioning work together each day. In addition, this year’s modified schedule has allowed the teams to practice and compete together on Wednesdays.

Despite the unusual circumstances of the year, the players have had a successful experience thus far, said Giffenig. “From a tennis perspective, they’re doing great,” he said. “They seem very positive and happy to be out there.”

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