Volleyball Opens at Home vs. King School

By Ira Buch ’25
Student Writer, Bearcat Sports Media


On September 13th, the Hotchkiss varsity volleyball team played against the King School for the first time.
Bearcats had a rough start in the first set. Despite that, they managed to gain 20 points in the second one, almost getting the win back. The crowd cheered as Lillie Dase ’26 demonstrated her arm swing technique. 


After the game, Lillie described the game as “inspirational,” specifically stating that “everybody was fighting for it. King is one of the best teams we are ever going to play. This game showed the potential we hold, as a team.”
The third set proved to be a challenging one, making the score 0-3.


Despite the loss, the time of the game was filled with cheers, joy, and support, and the Hotchkiss school spirit was exemplary for those present. 


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