Water Polo Looks to Grow, Improve

Now in the second year under current leadership, the water polo team looks to continue its growth this season.

“We’re really excited,” said head coach Kurt Hinck. “To get a lot of interest, especially from new students, and to have new students come in with experience with the game, that’s huge to get us trending in the right direction.”

Hinck said he was especially enthusiastic about the young players on this year’s roster, which features eight preps and lower mids. “It’s going to be great for the program. We won’t have to start from square one next year,” he said.

For co-captains Leo Poggi ’20 and Alex McLane ’20, the goal for this year is for the team as a whole to continue making progress. “Last year, we greatly improved our level of play, and I’d like to keep that momentum going,” said Poggi.

For the team to be successful on both offense and defense, Hinck said it will rely on speed as its greatest advantage. On offense, that will need to involve generating counterattack opportunities and creating space, he said.

Poggi agreed that the team will look to score in transition, but will also need to be prepared to set up in its formations and look for good scoring opportunities.

Defense for the Bearcats will build from the back, anchored by three-year varsity goalie Alex Cherenkov ’21. “He’s aggressive. He has a nose for the ball,” said Hinck. “He wants to be where he can impact the shot.”

Poggi expressed enthusiasm about the team’s potential for the season. “Overall, I’m very optimistic about this year, and I love the guys on this team,” he said.

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