Wilson ’11, Marquette Alums Win Million-Dollar Prize at TBT

For Derrick Wilson ’11 and his fellow Golden Eagles, the long climb to the top of the mountain is finally finished.

The team comprised of Wilson and fellow former Marquette basketball players won the 2020 edition of The Basketball Tournament and captured its winner-take-all $1 million grand prize.

The team plans to split the prize evenly, with Wilson and the other players each earning $90,000 and $80,000 going to the team’s general manager, according to ESPN reports.

The Basketball Tournament is an open-application men’s basketball tournament founded in 2014. Teams compete in a single-elimination bracket similar to the NCAA college basketball tournament, with the winning team each year capturing a $1 million prize.

The Golden Eagles have competed in the tournament every year since 2016, and Wilson has played for four of those five teams. The team boasts a 19-4 overall record, and has advanced farther each year, culminating with this year’s title.

Wilson, who started at point guard for the Eagles, finished the game with one point and four rebounds in 14 minutes of play.

The TBT typically features 64 teams in four regions, but this year’s edition was pared down to 24 teams due to the COVID virus. The tournament was hosted entirely in Columbus, OH.

The tournament also features the “Elam Ending” game format, debuted in 2017. Instead of ending the game when time expires, the game clock is shut off at the first dead ball in the final four minutes of the game. A target score is then determined by adding eight points to the score of the leading team, and then the teams play until one reaches or exceeds the target.

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