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Winter Athletes Earn Awards, Honors

by Roger Wistar

Members of the Hotchkiss winter athletics programs earned a variety of awards an honors at a ceremony held on April 10.

Athletic directors Robin Chandler and Danny Smith bestowed the awards on athletes from each of the winter programs at an all-school meeting held in the Katherine M. Elfers Hall.

For a full list of the Hotchkiss team awards, click here.

In addition to the Hotchkiss awards, several winter varsity athletes received all-star league commendations. In addition, several members of the winter JV and thirds teams received a Coaches Award. These names are listed below:



Boys Basketball:
All New England, 3rd Team: Ryan O'Neill '18
All New England, Honorable Mention: Tavien Kemp '18, Adria Amabilino-Perez '18

Girls Basketball:
New England All Star: Hattie Childs '19

Girls Hockey:
All NEPSAC, Division 1: Lindsay Reed '18      

Boys Squash:
All NEPSAC Class A: Justin Ghaeli '18
All NEPSAC Class A Honorable Mention, Obi Okoli '20



Boys Basketball: Tavien M. Kemp '18, Ryan J. O'Neill '18

Girls Basketball: Emma C. Smith '18, Gabrielle-Ingrid M. Coffy '18

Boys Hockey: Michael W. Gillis '18, Hauken L. Washington '18

Girls Hockey: Gracyn J. Campbell '18, Zoe E. Wilson '19

Boys Squash: Tyler S. Mackesy '19, Scott H. Shrager '19

Girls Squash: Emily H. Rose '18, Claire C. Jennings '18

Boys Swimming & Diving: Lucien Guerrand-Hermes '19, Addison N. Oberting '19

Girls Swimming & Diving: Meredith D. Moran '19, Samantha E. Thomas '19

Wrestling: Dean J. Parenteau '18, Christian T. Crider '20



Boys JV Basketball: Elijah T. Stone '20 & David J. Schwartz '18

Girls JV Basketball: Sophia G. de Pena '18 & Adebusola E. Adeyemi '20

Boys 3rds Basketball: David A. Vega '19

Girls 3rds Basketball: Grace A. Hazelton '19 & Caroline C. Phillips '18

Boys JV Hockey: William L. Helm '18 & Samuel D. Gee '21

Girls JV Hockey: Isabelle C. Hasberstock '18 & Saylor E. Willauer '18

Boys JV Squash: John W. Kempczinski '20

Girls JV Squash: Sarah K. Du '19 & Mingyu Deng '21

Boys & Girls JV Swimming & Diving: Dylan Kalaydjian '19

JV Wrestling: Reece L. Yang '21




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