Winter Athletic Awards Presented

Hotchkiss winter athletes earned a variety of awards and honors at a ceremony held on April 9.

Athletic directors Robin Chandler and Danny Smith bestowed the awards on athletes from each of the winter sports at an all-school meeting held in the Katherine M. Elfers Hall.

For a full list of the Hotchkiss team awards, click here.

In addition to the Hotchkiss awards, several winter varsity athletes received all-star league commendations. In addition, several members of the JV and thirds teams received a Coaches Award. These names are listed below:



Boys Varsity Basketball:
All NEPSAC Class A Team: Xavier Wilson ‘19  and Miles Brewster ‘20
All NEPSAC Class A Honorable Mention: CJ Mitchell ‘21, Aidan Rodgers ‘21, Kyle Jenkins ‘20
NEPSAC Coach of the Year: Yassine Talhaoui

Girls Varsity Basketball
All NEPSAC Class A Team: Jordyn Harris ‘22

Boys Varsity Hockey
All-NEPSAC West  Henry Wilder ‘20
Founders League All-Star  Jordan Ehrensperger ‘19 and Alex Mozian ‘19

Girls Varsity Hockey
ALL-NEPSAC Class A Honorable Mention: Maggie Hatch ‘21
USHR Coach of the Year: Corey Cooper

Boys Varsity Squash
ALL-NEPSAC Class A First Team Tyler Mackesy ’19
ALL-NEPSAC Class A Honorable Mention: Will Eum ‘20 and Obi Okoli ’20

Boys Varsity Swimming & Diving
Founders League Champions:
Leo Poggi ‘20 -- 200 Freestyle, 500 Freestyle
William Wildish ‘21 -- 50 Freestyle, 100 Freestyle
Jeffrey Lim ‘21 -- 100 Butterfly
Leo Poggi ‘20, Jeffrey Lim ‘21, Royce Shey ‘21, William Wildish ‘21 -- 400 Freestyle Relay

Girls Varsity Swimming & Diving
Founders League Champions:
Meera Kasturi ‘22 -- Diving
Jillian Cudney ‘20 -- 200 Freestyle, 100 Freestyle
Auden Koetters ‘22, Emily Bukowski ‘22, Liz Williams ‘19, Jillian Cudney ‘20 -- 200 Freestyle Relay
Auden Koetters ‘22, Liz Williams ‘19, Abby Powell ‘21, Jillian Cudney ‘20 -- 400 Freestyle Relay
Top-3 New Englands:
Jillian Cudney ‘20 – 3rd, 200 Freestyle; 3rd, 100 Freestyle
Meera Kasturi ‘22 -- 3rd -- Diving

Varsity Wrestling
WNEISWA League Champion - Christian Crider ‘20 (160 lbs)
WNEISWA League Outstanding Wrestler - Christian Crider ‘20 (160 lbs)



Boys Varsity Basketball: Maximillian K. Sussman ‘19 and Nicolas L. Petersik ‘21

Girls Varsity Basketball: Margaret H. Smith ’20

Boys Varsity Hockey: Quinn Carlisle ‘19 and Walker D. Reiersgaard ‘19

Girls Varsity Hockey: Abigail C. Hillebrecht ‘19 and Zoe E. Wilson ‘19

Boys Varsity Squash: Obinna C. Okoli ‘20 and Scott H. Shrager ‘19

Girls Varsity Squash: Eleanor W. Burke ‘20 and Mitra Kardestuncer ‘20

Boys Varsity Swimming & Diving: Fernando Elizondo Junco ‘19 and Thomas J. Getman ‘19

Girls Varsity Swimming & Diving: Emily S. Bukowski ‘22 and Abigail C. Powell ‘21

Varsity Wrestling: Nicholas R. Adams ‘19 and Scott G. Lewis ‘19



Boys JV Basketball: Kayo K. Wiggins, Jr. ‘21 and Aderemi I. Adefioye ‘20

Boys 3rds Basketball: Julian Bahramipour ‘19

Girls JV Basketball: Theresa Yu ‘19

Girls 3rds Basketball: Shandel Devonni Samuels ‘20

Boys JV Hockey: Nicholas M. Fallon ‘19

Girls JV Hockey: Amanda L. Hill ‘19 & Ella Huang ‘21

Boys JV Squash: Blake W. Cilmi ‘19 & Oliver W. Leeds ‘19

Girls JV Squash: Gregoria Serretta Fiorentino ‘19 and Martha A. Welch ‘19

JV Wrestling: Aidan M. Huber ’21

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