Winter Athletic Awards Presented

Hotchkiss winter athletes earned a variety of awards and honors at a ceremony held on April 19.

Athletic directors Robin Chandler and Danny Smith bestowed the awards on athletes from each of the winter sports at an all-school meeting held in Walker Auditorium.

For a full list of the Hotchkiss team awards, click here.

In addition to the Hotchkiss awards, several winter varsity athletes received all-star league commendations. In addition, several members of the JV and thirds teams received a Coaches Award. These names are listed below:



Boys Varsity Basketball
NEPSAC Class A Player of the Year: Kenny Noland ‘22
NEPSAC Class A Coach of the Year: Yassine Talhaoui
All NEPSAC Class A Team: Kenny Noland & Brandon McCreesh ‘24

Girls Varsity Basketball
NEPSAC All-Star: Kaila Richards ‘25
NEPSAC CLASS A Honorable Mention: Kaila Richards ‘25

Girls Varsity Hockey
All-NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Luna Lu ‘23

Boys Varsity Squash
ALL-NEPSAC Class A First Team: John Nicholson '22, Callan Venkatesan '23, Oscar Okonkwo '25

Girls Varsity Squash
ALL-NEPSAC Class A First Team: Maya Mansoor ‘24 and Elise Kang ‘25

Boys Varsity Swimming & Diving
Founders League Champions:
Carter Levine ‘22, James Yae ‘23, Ryan Tse ‘23, and Alex Tolis ‘23, Boys 200 Medley Relay
Carter Levine ‘22, Boys 100 Backstroke Founders League Champion
James Yae ‘23, Boys 100 Breaststroke Founders League Champion
Nolan Jennings ‘24, 4th at New England Diving Championship

Girls Varsity Swimming & Diving
Founders League Champions:
Meera Kasturi ‘22, Diving Founders League Champion, 2nd at New England Diving Championship
Emily Bukowski ‘22, Girls 50 Freestyle Founders League Champion
Emily Bukowski ‘22, Girls 100 Breaststroke Founders League Champion


Boys Varsity Basketball
Willem Groot ‘23
Brandon T. McCreesh ‘23

Girls Varsity Basketball
Leanna Wells ‘23
Jordyn M. Harrison ‘22

Boys Varsity Hockey
Nathan W. Brockington ‘22
Luke M. Johnson ‘22

Girls Varsity Hockey
Luna Y. Lu ‘23
Stephanie Ionescu ‘24

Boys Varsity Squash
Thomas W. Bailey ‘22
Oscar D. Okonkwo ‘25

Girls Varsity Squash
Mary R. Wood ‘23
Lauren S. Sonneborn ‘23

Boys Varsity Swimming & Diving
Rahul V. Kalavagunta '22
Zachary T. Scrima ‘22

Girls Varsity Swimming & Diving
Ella Mohanram '23
Maia E. Chinatti ‘24

Varsity Wrestling
Kayla J. Uzwiak ‘22
Benjamin B. Johnson ‘22


Boys JV Basketball
Andrew D. Preis ‘22

Boys 3rds Basketball
Alexander C. Cheng ‘23

Girls JV Basketball
Anjolaoluwa R. Ashaye '24
Rebekah R. Oppenheimer '24

Girls 3rds Basketball
Charlotte M. Hazelton ‘22
Addison L. Horowicz ‘22

Boys JV Hockey
Alexander G. Shtohryn ‘24
Elliot D. Marken '24

Girls JV Hockey
Arielle D. Szycher ‘22

Boys JV Squash
Nicklas R. Astorian ‘22
Keith Matanachai ‘22

Girls JV Squash
Eliza F. Dana ‘22
Sophie P. Davis ‘22

JV Wrestling
Athanasios L. Athanasiou ‘25

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