Strength & Conditioning


new strength conditioning space
Strength & Conditioning

Hotchkiss Strength & Conditioning is the foundation for our athletic department’s vision of creating comprehensive excellence and developing leaders for life. The mission of the strength & conditioning program is to create year round training programs using scientifically based methods to maximize individual athletic potential. The training protocol and atmosphere will ensure that each student athlete at Hotchkiss is physically and mentally prepared to meet the demands of their respective sport. We are dedicated to our student-athletes developing a relentless work ethic and preparing to be a champion.

“Coach Quinn and I have worked together for the last six years, and he has proven to be a critical component in the development of our student-athletes. He creates toughness among our athletes, not only physically but mentally. Brodie is one of the best coaches I’ve been around in every aspect. He does a wonderful job of establishing relationships with each athlete and encourages a culture of daily improvement.” 
Danny Smith P’18, ‘20, ‘24, Athletic Director

The newly renovated Chandler Fitness Room is a much larger multi-functional state-of-the-art facility. It is a 2,000-square-foot facility with the capacity to handle up to 70 athletes at one time, complete with state-of-the-art equipment for various styles of training. This facility is second to none at the high school level and shows the kind of commitment that has been made by the School to benefit student-athletes at Hotchkiss.

Dynamic Team Training

Being in a year-round comprehensive strength/conditioning program is very important for multi-sport athletes because it can help make them more resilient to injury and provide them with the opportunity to improve their athletic ability across the board and year-round – not just in a single-sport setting. Since Coach Quinn took over the dynamic team training  program, it has grown from 30 athletes each season to 160 athletes training each season.

“Coach Quinn’s strength and conditioning program has been vital in my development as an athlete both mentally and physically. The dynamic program provides an opportunity for athletes to reach their goals whether it’s starting on a Varsity team or playing at the next level. My three biggest takeaways from Coach Quinn are mental strength is just as important as physical strength, discipline is what makes a great athlete and the most important thing is to “be good people”. All in all, my favorite thing about dynamic is the supportive community of peers and adults that want you to succeed.”
Bridget Reese ‘24


Head Coach