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Submitting files

The most direct way to submit your Misch II questionnaire is to fill out this form below and submit it electronically.

If you prefer you may download this Word document, fill it out and email or mail it to: Brenda Catalano, Office of Alumni Relations, The Hotchkiss School, 11 Interlaken Road, Lakeville, CT 06039-2141. If you need more space than the form allows, please feel free to attach additional pages, but be sure to indicate your name and the question(s) you are answering.


If you would like to include a current picture of yourself, you can e-mail your digital photo to Brenda Catalano in the Alumni Office at bcatalano@hotchkiss.org. Otherwise, send it via regular mail, and we will be happy to scan it and return your original photo. If your picture is not in your senior yearbook, you can also submit a photo from the late-1960s if you wish.

Other photos from around the School when we were there may be included in a photo essay section. Please share what you can.

We would also like the option of publishing an additional photo or two that can help illustrate your life since 1970. Please feel free to send along additional photography electronically, or originals that we can scan and return to you.

The 1970 Misch II will be sent to you whether or not you attend your 50th Reunion.

Personal Information
Current residence
Career/Professional Information
Charitable/Civic Activities
Family Information
Current activities and interests (other than those described above)
Questions about Hotchkiss
About Today and Beyond
Please share any memories that you can describe in summary fashion: music or songs; sports (school, collegiate, professional, international); news: headlines, discoveries, Vietnam, the space race, the Civil Rights movement; a particular place; travel, a friend, mentor or role model; individual accomplishment(s); clothing or fashions; expressions or figures of speech; technology.​