At Hotchkiss, you’ll be part of a vibrant community where people celebrate one another and learn by living together. Each day is an opportunity to try something new, meet someone from a place you’ve never been, and have conversations that change the way you see the world.

Snapshots of Life at Hotchkiss

Campus Life

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Fairfield Farm

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The Arts at Hotchkiss

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Athletics at Hotchkiss

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What Sets The Hotchkiss School Apart?

Boarding school campus life at Hotchkiss is characterized by a sense of community. We're all in this together. We study hard, rest well, overcome challenges, and make memories together. You'll discover a continual energy — for learning, discovery, and growth — that keeps our campus vibrant.

As a learning community, Hotchkiss is known for:

  • Team Spirit: The nature of a boarding school inevitably bonds us close together. With more than 90% of our students residing in our dormitories, our students form lifelong friendships and make lasting memories together. From the classroom and theater stage to the athletic field and great outdoors, we share every aspect of life together.
  • Diversity: Hotchkiss community life is deeply enriched by the diverse backgrounds of our student body. Our population is filled with students from a range of nationalities and races, as well as various socioeconomic backgrounds. Each student brings their own interests, experiences, personality, and skills, creating a diverse and exciting tapestry.
  • Significant Financial Aid: Our goal is to offer quality education that challenges students to reach their full potential. To bring the best students together, we offer generous financial aid packages. Currently 27% of Hotchkiss students attend our School tuition-free.

Experience a Typical Day at Boarding School

There's no shortage of exciting events to join on a typical day at Hotchkiss. Between rigorous classes, athletic practices, co-curricular events — and, of course, social time with friends — each day will be filled to the brim. Come along with us on a typical day, and you'll soon discover what sets us apart.

Each weekday kicks off with a breakfast in our dining hall. From there, students go on to attend classes starting at 8:30 a.m. on Monday through Saturday. Our schedule includes shorter days on Wednesday and Saturday, giving students ample time to pursue other activities and sports. Throughout a typical school day, you'll attend school meetings, advisory sessions, or school-wide chapel service.

After a healthy lunch break and the completion of your afternoon classes, it's time for co-curriculars! These play an essential role in our community life. Students will have plenty of opportunities to sharpen their skills and develop new ones together. After dinner, weekday evenings usually involve student-led club meetings and activities.

Finally, each weekday culminates in a mandatory two-hour study hall, where students can work on projects, write papers, study for upcoming tests, and form study groups together before the day ends with lights-out.

Discover the Benefits of Boarding School Community Life

Life on our campus is many things — but boring isn't one of them. We strive to meet the perfect balance between individual goals and a collaborative spirit. Each Bearcat is their own unique person — yet together, as part of a whole, we are each stronger. As a result, our community is able to shape each other into effective communicators, empathetic listeners, and seasoned team players.
Discover the benefits of our community life for yourself when you apply to The Hotchkiss School.

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