Anti-Racism at Hotchkiss


The Hotchkiss School is committed to being an equitable, inclusive and anti-racist community

The most unifying aspect of Hotchkiss is the School community. Comprising individuals from vastly different backgrounds and cultures, with different strengths and passions, the community is bonded by experiences shared on campus and by ideals held in common and carried forward long after students leave Lakeville. 

What we must now acknowledge, however, is that the common experience Black students at Hotchkiss have carried forward has not always been one of inclusion and equity.

Since George Floyd’s murder on May 25, long unacknowledged issues of racism at Hotchkiss, and specifically anti-Black racism, are being broadly recognized. These failures on the part of the School to create a community in which every member is safe, seen, and supported must be redressed. 

This page will be dedicated to the School’s work to build a community that is fundamentally diverse, equitable and inclusive for all.

Share Your Story with Us

The school is here to listen and to learn. If you have been the victim of, observed, or perpetrated acts of racism or unconscious bias while part of the Hotchkiss community, in the present or at any time in the past, please use this form to tell us your story. Submissions will be actively monitored by the director of diversity and inclusion.

Any matters involving current members of faculty or staff will be seriously and appropriately investigated. Issues involving current students will also be evaluated for further action.