Creating a more inclusive and diverse community

Every One of Us Can Be the Difference

Hotchkiss is a place where students, faculty, and staff members from different backgrounds live and work together, bringing with them a range of experiences, cultures, and beliefs. We aspire to create a community in which students develop their own voices and learn to relate to each other with understanding, respect, and empathy — as engaged members of the Hotchkiss community and future citizens of the world.

"We are preparing [our students] to lead lives of consequence and to help build a society in the future that is more just and humane. One of the roles of our school is to broaden our students' understanding of important issues through knowledge of the issues as well as understanding how those who are most directly affected feel, and why. This is one of the great educational benefits of living in a diverse community — it enables us to learn from those who are different."
— Craig Bradley, Head of School

Student Voice: Priyanka kumar '19

Student Voice: Kanghee Lee '17

"I think the strength of this community is that we have a lot of different people coming together from different backgrounds, and we’re always willing to talk."

School Co-President Aba Sam '17

"One of the biggest strengths of our community is that we’re really flexible and willing to change."

–School Co-President Jelani Hutchins-Belgrave '17

"Hotchkiss is my daughter's home away from home. I feel as connected to this community as I do with my children here in Michigan, although there are 600 miles between us."

–Yolanda Brown-Spidell P '18

Student-Faculty Council Committee for Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity

This committee of the Student-Faculty Council is charged with:

  • Facilitating consistent community forums for sharing;
  • Encouraging & promoting affinity groups;
  • Generating recommendations for policy reviews;
  • Helping to celebrate and honor traditions and holidays of all groups;
  • Collaborating with faculty members to bring speakers, show movies, and create programming.

2016-17 student representatives:

  • Priyanka Kumar '19
  • Alyssa Iferenta '17
  • Nia Talley '19
  • Sally Falls '18

Strategic Planning Committee for Inclusion and Diversity

The Strategic Planning Committee for Inclusion and Diversity was formed in February 2016, with the charge of recommending actions and programs to ensure a more inclusive Hotchkiss community.

  • Co-Chairs: Kate Jones & Richard Kirby
  • Sonia Bonsu
  • Maggie Crain
  • Abdoulaye Fall
  • Rory Hart
  • Keith Moon
  • Rachel Myers
  • Carmen Dockery Perkins
  • Kathleen McNary Pillsbury
  • Amy Rasner
  • Nathan Seidenberg
  • David Thompson
  • Stephanie Thomas
  • Pierre Yoo