Diversity & Inclusion | DEI Committee of the Board of Trustees

Elizabeth G. Hines | Hotchkiss

“Now is the time for us to enact changes that ensure equity and accountability across our programs and policies, and establishing this committee is an important step as we seek to turn ideas into action.”

– Elizabeth G. Hines ’93, Board of Trustees Co-President

In June of 2020, following the global outcry over police brutality against Black Americans and the outpouring of stories from alumni who have experienced racism at Hotchkiss, the Board of Trustees established a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee of the Board.

The DEI Committee includes trustees, administrators, faculty, staff and alumni. It is charged with supporting the work of the School in devising and implementing ongoing changes to create a fundamentally inclusive institution at all levels, and to fully realize the mission of The Hotchkiss School, which is to inspire a diverse range of students who are committed to the betterment of self and society. As such, the DEI Committee supports the school in the areas of admissions and financial aid, faculty hiring and training, curriculum and pedagogy, alumni engagement, parent engagement, community life and student experience.

The Hotchkiss mission statement opens with the words, ‘The Hotchkiss School seeks to inspire a diverse range of students who are committed to the betterment of self and society.’ We cannot claim to have loved up to that mission unless we take action to ensure that every student in our care learns and grows in a community that is fair and equitable. Such a community benefits every one of its members.

DEI Committee Members

Hotchkiss | Becky van der Bogert

Rebecca van der Bogert Vice President of the Board of Trustees

Annika Lescott | Hotchkiss

Annika Lescott  ̕06
Board of Trustees

Craig W. Bradley | Hotchkiss

Craig W. Bradley
Head of School

Hotchkiss | Yassine Talhaoui

Yassine Talhaoui
Director of Diversity & Inclusion

Hotchkiss | Ninette Enrique

Ninette Enrique
Chief Advancement Officer

Hotchkiss | Danielle Ferguson '97

Danielle S. Ferguson  ̕97
Board of Governors

Hotchkiss | Merrilee Mardon

Merrilee Mardon
Associate Head of School and Dean of Faculty

Hotchkiss | Raymond McGuire

Raymond J. McGuire ’75, P’21
Board of Trustees

Erby Mitchell | Hotchkiss

Erby L. Mitchell Jr. P ̕21
Dean of Admission and Financial Aid

Hotchkiss | Hope Reisinger Cobera

Hope Reisinger Cobera  ̕88,
P ̕24
Chief Communications Officer

Hotchkiss | Laurie Ross

Laurie Ross P ̕22
Director of Human Resources

Hotchkiss | Tom Seidenstein

Thomas R. Seidenstein ̕91,
P ̕24
Board of Trustees

Hotchkiss | Rhonda Trotter

Rhonda Trotter  ̕79
Board of Trustees

Hotchkiss | Robert R. Gould

Ex officio
Robert R. Gould ’77
Co-President of the Board of Trustees

Elizabeth G. Hines | Hotchkiss

Ex officio
Elizabeth G. Hines  ̕93
Co-President of the Board of Trustees