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Many Voices, One Hotchkiss

The Office of Diversity, Equity & inclusion is committed to fostering and sustaining an inclusive Hotchkiss learning community and culture in which every student can reach their true potential by bringing their full self to every aspect of school life. We believe that students are inspired, excel, and thrive when embracing and leveraging the ideas and lived experiences of their peers and other community members.

The Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion provides a wide range of resources, programming, and services to ensure all community members feel a strong sense of belonging, feel celebrated, and have equal access.

Hotchkiss | Lisanne Norman

“I enjoy diversity and inclusion work because it's helping our society to move toward a more equitable world in which we can all feel empowered. The Hotchkiss community has been a part of my life for a long time, and as an alumni it gives me great pleasure to be a part of making The Hotchkiss School a more inclusive and diverse community.”

– Lisanne Norman '94, Associate Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Director of Walter Crain Fellowship Program, Instructor in Humanities & Social Sciences

Hotchkiss | Pierre Yoo

“I was inspired to this work by a former graduate Kanghee Lee '17, who implored me to support the Asian students because the need was great. I am so grateful for her because she and her classmates helped establish some support structures to serve the Pan Asian students. Seeing students empowered is powerful. Hearing students feel validated and thankful for a space to share makes every second worthwhile. Learning from the students and admiring their leadership make an opportunity for growth for everyone. Even after attending the NAIS Diversity Leadership Conference as well as the National Diversity Practitioners Institute, I continue to learn with our community. I see the magically healing power in providing space and opportunities for those who might not have had the opportunity in the past.”

– Pierre Yoo, Associate Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Instructor in Chemistry, Pan Asian Advocacy, Head of Edelman Dormitory, Head Coach for Boys Cross Country

Janan Alexandra

"This work is about truth telling and repair. Telling the truth about our histories—which are deeply personal and political—and shifting the foundation of our systems, structures, and institutions to reflect and repair the impact of those truths. Those are a lot of abstractions. What I mean is that this work is about caring for what’s broken in us and reimagining how we do things so as to take better care of each other and our shared world."

– Janan Alexandra, Assistant Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Instructor in English

Gerardo Aguilar Molinari

"The truth is that there is a part of me that wishes I didn't have to do this work, but it is necessary and we don't always have the possibility of choosing. This is the time and circumstances in which we live. The struggle is for social justice, to build a world of equal opportunities and joy, where we can all develop our potential and marvel at traveling the universe in this organic spaceship that is the Earth. The hope of a better future is always with the new generations and their impetus for not accepting the corrupt truths of the past."

– Gerardo Aguilar Molinari, Assistant Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Walter Crain Fellow, Instructor in Spanish

Ricardo Diaz Ortiz

"Since graduating from Williams College I’ve taught English at universities in Brazil, Spanish at a charter school in upstate New York, mathematics at New England boarding schools, been a college counselor for students in Mexico, and a camp counselor for children living in affordable housing communities in Vermont. Diversity for me is a way of life. Ever since I studied abroad in Brazil in 2016 I’ve been engaging with how to decolonize myself and embrace Indigenous and Afro-Diasporic belief systems. How can I approach life in ways that are not Western-centric? My hope is to support institutions in that transformation too, so that we can all heal collectively."

– Ricardo Diaz Ortiz, Assistant Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Instructor in Mathematics

Hotchkiss | Jason Larson

“My commitment to DEI work stems from a lifelong fascination with the plurality and diversity of religion and religious expression. As an educator committed to diversity in our school and as a scholar of religious studies, I am also intensely interested in exploring the intersectionality of race and religion, and my work as a teacher and as school chaplain affords me the chance to learn with my students as we work together to ensure that religious diversity is a valuable partner with other identities represented at Hotchkiss. It is an honor to be part of such a dedicated team as we do this work!”

– Jason Larson, Director of Religious and Spiritual Life, Instructor in Philosophy and Religion

Hotchkiss | Dave Thompson

“One of the great advantages of the boarding school model of education is that we can bring together an artificial microcosm of the greater world. The chance to live, work, play, and learn with people from a huge range of backgrounds means that learning can happen in formal and informal settings. As a member of the D and I team I am grateful for the chance to work collaboratively with adult and student colleagues to help our community move beyond the superficial. I hope we can encourage a campus culture where students are interested in hearing honest opinions, standing in solidarity with other communities in moments of crisis, developing more empathy for other experiences, and trying to learn to inhabit different perspectives.”

– David Thompson, Director of International Programs, Faculty Advisor to De Colores

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