Boarding School Residential Life

96 percent of students live in a dorm
All students — including day students — are assigned a room

Our 13 residence halls provide comfortable spaces in which all students can feel at home. Even day students, who are assigned their own rooms, can rest, study, spend time with friends, and experience boarding school life. Residential faculty members live in each dorm, and proctors — trained upperclassmen who act as leaders in their dorms — watch out for their peers and help create a safe, respectful community. Students are housed by grade: preps reside with lower mids, and upper mids reside with seniors.

Residence halls range in size from six to 65 rooms, with common rooms for relaxing and dorm gatherings. All rooms have wireless network access and come furnished with a bureau, bed, desk, chair, lamp, phone, trash can, and recycling bin for each occupant. While the majority of rooms are singles, many students will have a roommate for at least one year; in fact, we recommend that incoming students request roommates to help them expand their group of friends and build a sense of camaraderie in a new place.

All dorms are locked 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students gain entry by holding their student ID card next to the door sensor entry pad.