Find Your Interests

Some students know their strengths. Some want to discover hidden talents. And everyone can try something new.

There are more than 60 student clubs, publications, community service organizations, and music ensembles on campus — which means more than 60 opportunities for students to pursue their passions and spark new interests.


   Explore some of the student clubs and activities at Hotchkiss

Affinity, Cultural & International

Asian Society

Open to the entire student body, this group raises awareness about Asian cultures, celebrates important festivities from Asian countries represented by the student body, and discusses contemporary issues pertaining to Asia.

Black and Hispanic Student Alliance (BaHSA)

BaHSA began as a multicultural support group that welcomes all students, not only those who are African-American and Hispanic. BaHSA’s mission is to educate our community on topics of diversity by sponsoring speakers, workshops, social events, leadership forums, and regular meetings involving other student groups at Hotchkiss and neighboring schools.

Chinese Club

Chinese Club is about Chinese language, culture, and people. It aims to improve the language skills of students who take Chinese and encourages people from all backgrounds to understand Chinese culture.

Classics Club

A club for lovers of Latin and Greek at Hotchkiss.

French Club

The French Club involves students in casual French conversation through language tables in the dining hall and screenings of francophone films. The club also occasionally sponsors trips and special events that celebrate francophone cultures.

Gender & Sexuality Alliance

The Gender & Sexuality Alliance main purpose is to create understanding between gay, straight, bisexual, and questioning students. We seek to educate and support all students. Our meetings are open to all and are a safe environment for people of all genders and sexual orientations.

German Club

The German Club provides students with an opportunity to speak German and learn about German culture. Events include German films, a School-wide celebration of a German winter holiday, and German dinners.


Hillel sponsors religious, educational, social, and cultural events in celebration of Jewish holidays, culture, and history. Hillel arranges for students to attend synagogue services on the High Holy Days and on other holidays or Shabbat. Hillel works closely with dining services to offer appropriate foods during holidays. All Hillel events are open to the entire Hotchkiss community.

Round Square

Round Square is an association of 50 schools around the world that support each other, both individually and collectively, to promote the principles of internationalism, democracy, environmental awareness, adventure, leadership, and service. Faculty and student representatives participate in an annual conference to share lessons learned and methods used, and to develop joint projects and future plans. Hotchkiss has sent delegations to international conferences in German, South Africa, Massachusetts, Peru, India, Thailand, and Australia.

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club gives students the opportunity to practice their Spanish and learn more about Hispanic culture. It also serves to help inform the School community about the Spanish-speaking world. The Spanish Club sponsors Spanish language tables at dinner and promotes Hispanic culture and the celebration of important Hispanic holidays.


WISER is an all-girls boarding school located in Muhuru Bay, Kenya, where only five percent of the girls in that village make it to high school due to forced early marriages, family gender roles, early pregnancies and other issues. WISER at Hotchkiss is dedicated to raising awareness about the issues that Muhuru Bay girls face, and committed to raising a minimum of $1,000 a year to support a girl's scholarship to the school.

Art, Dance & Music


Calliope is an all-girls a cappella singing group that performs all genres of music.

Drill Team

This coed group revs up the crowds at athletic games, pep rallies, and all-School assemblies with its synchronized stomping, clapping, snapping, and dancing. Students in the group choreograph their own routines.

Gospel Choir

Gospel Choir consists of students, faculty, staff, and friends of the Hotchkiss community. Under the musical direction of Michael Whitney Brown, the group practices once a week and performs at Hotchkiss and in the local community. Auditions are held throughout the year.

Hotchkiss Dramatic Association (HDA)

The HDA sponsors three major main stage productions each year, including a musical and occasionally a festival of hit Broadway songs. The HDA also produces more intimate plays for smaller casts, student-directed one-act plays. The group provides many opportunities for students to try their hand at acting or learn about the technical aspects of play production.

Unity Through Rhythm

UTR is a student-organized club dedicated to contemporary forms of expression and poetry. The club meets to discuss writing and performing and sponsors slam poetry events during the year.

Community Service

Habitat for Humanity

Working with the local Habitat for Humanity affiliate, students volunteer on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons to help build and paint shelters for local constituents. The group also organizes a trip to a Habitat for Humanity National Collegiate Challenge site during spring break.

The Hotchkiss Blood Drive

The Hotchkiss Blood Drive is an annual effort to support the American Red Cross. Faculty, staff, and students may contribute blood and/or time to help run the blood drive each spring.

The Hotchkiss Swimathon

The Hotchkiss Swimathon is an annual event that raises money for the Northwest Connecticut Special Olympics swimming team.

Junior Bearcats

Junior Bearcats is a student-run, non-profit charity organization. Their mission is to help children worldwide by holding interschool fundraising events and on-campus activities. To date, the group has raised money for natural disaster relief efforts, scholarships for girls in Vietnam, and "Room to Read" programs in Asia, among others.


The Kucetekela Foundation is a non-profit organization that gives scholarships to high school students in Zambia. The club is committed to sponsoring one student for their five years in high school, and holds events such as faculty dinners and dress-down days to raise funds for the scholarship.

Songs for Smiles

The mission of this club is to bring music to a variety of local audiences and to earn money, through donations, for an organization that provides free musical instruments to children who can’t afford to buy them. The concerts occur once a month, usually on Sunday afternoons.

St. Luke’s Society

The oldest club at Hotchkiss, St. Luke’s was founded in 1892 to promote Christian fellowship, work, and service. Its members provide volunteer service in support of various charitable organizations and groups in need. Hotchkiss students give their time to the local soup kitchen, a school for learning disabled children, a home for the elderly, a Big Brother/Big Sister program, and other community outreach efforts. Approximately three-quarters of the student body participate in these activities each year. The St. Luke’s Society also encourages students to participate in the local Crop Walk each year.

Special Interests

Chess Club

A group of chess enthusiasts who enjoy learning, playing, and strategizing. Games and tournaments happen throughout the year.

Investment Club

The Investment Club aims to introduce young investors to the principles of watching the stock market and maintaining online accounts. Each member of the group is responsible for research of particular companies and funds. The group also sponsors a field trip to the New York Stock Exchange.

Knitting Club

The Knitting Club is open to knitters of all ability levels. The group works on a variety of projects, aiming to improve skills and design techniques.

Outing Club

The Outing Club sponsors a variety of outdoor adventure day trips each year; these may include rock climbing, high ropes course, skiing, hiking, camping, canoeing, rafting, and caving. Moonlight (night) hikes and overnight trips are also planned when conditions are favorable.

Political & Social Awareness


Bluestockings promotes awareness of gender issues and encourages women to get involved in philanthropic activities that help other women. Since the group was formed in 2001, Bluestockings has raised money for women’s health issues, organized gatherings, and participated in the Independent School Gender Project.

Hotchkiss Political Union

This bipartisan club is dedicated to bringing issues of national and political importance to Hotchkiss. Debates, talks, and information about elections are all sponsored by the Political Union.

Students for Environmental Awareness (SEA)

The SEA is responsible for increasing the School’s awareness of issues relating to the environment. Toward this end, the group invites speakers to campus, sponsors an “Eco-Day” during which the community participates in a campus and community clean-up, runs the campus recycling program, and involves interested students in education programs at the various local elementary schools. In addition, members of the SEA help maintain nature trails in Beeslick Brook Woods and lead nature walks.

Publications & Media

The Hotchkiss Record


The eight-page student newspaper is produced every two weeks, covering Hotchkiss news, arts, sports, opinions, and environmental and international initiatives through writing and photography. The Record circulates on campus and is sent to Hotchkiss alumni, parents, and grandparents who subscribe. Reporting opportunities include features, campus news, sports, editorials, and the arts.

Hotchkiss Television (HTV)

Members of HTV videotape campus events and edit them into news segments for the School. Students serve as announcers and commentators in the film clips.


The arts magazine of The Hotchkiss School is published several times a year and includes written work, artwork, and photographs by Hotchkiss students. A student board manages editorial and production.

No Limits

This journal of science includes articles on various scientific issues and on research being done by Hotchkiss students.

The Mischianza


The prize-winning school yearbook has a large staff. Students may choose from a variety of production roles, including writing, photography, editing, layout, and advertising.

The Paper


Published twice a year, this color award-winning magazine has sports and school spirit as its primary focus.

The Whipping Post


This alternative student newspaper is published approximately twice each year. The publication that includes satire as well as serious essays about life at Hotchkiss and current events.

The Writing Block

A creative writing journal

This literary journal is published several times a year and features creative writing by members of the Hotchkiss community. A joint student-faculty board manages editorial and production responsibilities.


The Hotchkiss radio station broadcasts six nights a week. All disc jockeys are students and faculty members, and programs range from classic rock to hip hop to country to world music.

Campus Spirit & School Service

Blue & White Society

One of the oldest campus organizations, the Blue and White Society is dedicated to promoting school spirit. Group members help with orientation, sponsor seasonal pep rallies, and coordinate Spirit Week.

Student-Faculty Council

The Student-Faculty Council is composed of the presidents of the School, the presidents of the senior, upper mid, lower mid, and prep classes, one elected representative from each dorm, and five faculty members. In addition, the Head of School, Assistant Head of School, and the deans of the classes all serve ex officio. Chaired by the School presidents and the director of student activities, the council was established in recognition of the fact that in a boarding school community there are many important issues of concern to both students and faculty. The council is responsible for making recommendations to the full faculty not only on questions which relate specifically to the quality of student life, but also on those related to the general welfare of the School community.

Academic, Math & Science

Math Club

The Hotchkiss Math Club promotes appreciationof math within the School and in the local community. The Math Club welcomes students of all levels of mathematical ability who are interested in problem-solving, puzzles, and games.

Math Team

The Hotchkiss Math Team competes in various regional and national competitions year-round. The Math Team has weekly training sessions throughout the school year. Students may participate in Math Team to fulfill their team sport co-curricular requirement during the fall or winter seasons.

Science Club

This is a group of students who love to play with science. Members typically take on a major project and work on it once a week. Previous projects have included building an electric car, a hovercraft, and an underwater remotely operated vehicle.

Science Olympiad

Members of this team compete in the statewide Science Olympiad in March, which encompasses various branches of science such as biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering.

Speech & Debate Team

The Speech and Debate Team competes in interscholastic tournaments throughout New England, Canada, and overseas. Debate styles include parliamentary and cross-examination. Public speaking styles include after-dinner, persuasive, impromptu, and interpretive reading. Committed, consistently involved debaters are eligible for invitations to attend Model United Nations, Model Congress, and/or international public speaking tournaments.