Seeking Help

Do you need immediate help?

Contact the dean of student life 

contact the director of counseling

Students should feel free to seek guidance from any faculty member in order to resolve or seek support with a problem. If a student is seeking help or guidance, the student may disclose a past violation of a School rule involving drug use or alcohol during such a discussion, and no disciplinary consequence will result from that conversation. Following the discussion, and consultation with the student, parents may need to be notified. Parents and other School personnel will always be notified, in consultation with the student, in situations where a student’s safety is of concern.

Students who wish to seek help or guidance or share concerns about peers’ behavior may also bring concerns to the attention of the dean of student life or the director of counseling. These concerns, like counseling conversations, are kept private, within the limits of the law and School policy, and are never a part of a student’s academic record. The dean of student life and the director of counseling will identify resources and next steps best suited to address the concern. The ultimate goal is to provide support to students before more substantial problems arise.

Students should contact the dean of student life or the director of counseling directly if they wish to seek help for themselves or a peer.

Counseling Services

Our team of licensed professionals is available to help students navigate the challenges of adolescence and boarding school life.

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