A Network of Support

From the moment they arrive at Hotchkiss, students find themselves surrounded by caring, supportive peers and adults.

Faculty Members

Faculty members play a central role in guiding students’ intellectual development, both in and out of the classroom — as teachers, advisors, coaches, and dormitory faculty. All faculty members live on campus, giving students a chance to form the lasting, meaningful connections that make the Hotchkiss experience unique.


Throughout their time at Hotchkiss, students work closely with a faculty advisor to plan a balanced course of study. Once a week, students meet with advisory groups to address academic concerns and plan for the future. Click here to learn more about the academic advising program.

In addition to providing academic guidance, advisors also serve as a primary contact for parents and guardians.

Dormitory Faculty

Faculty members are assigned to every floor of each dorm. Often, their partners, children and pets live with them, creating a family atmosphere in the hall. Dorm faculty play an important role in fostering a sense of community on each floor and ensuring the safety and well-being of their students.

Class Deans

Class deans serve as an anchor in all aspects of student life, taking a lead role in monitoring the academic and social progress of their students. Class deans stay with their classes from prep to senior year, giving them a unique perspective on each student’s growth and development.


Proctors are seniors and upper mids who have been chosen on the basis of their exemplary leadership skills to supervise a dormitory floor. Along with dormitory faculty, proctors help enforce School rules and create a positive atmosphere.

Human Development TAs

Human Development TAs are seniors who have been trained to lead sections of preps and lower mids in the required Human Development seminars. HD TAs facilitate discussions on topics ranging from well-being and relationships to drugs and alcohol, and they act as role models for underclassmen.

Health Services

The Health Center is open 24/7 when school is in session and is equipped to care for most walk-in illnesses and injuries. In addition, licensed counselors and therapists are available to help students. To learn more about campus health services, click here.

Study Skills Instructors

The Study Skills Office helps students with time management, reading, and writing. Students can drop in any time during the academic day or make an appointment with an instructor.

College Advisors




College advisors meet regularly with students to help them navigate the college process and plan for their future. To learn more about the College Advising Office, click here.