COVID-19 | School Year 2020-21


Testing for the COVID-19 Virus

Information on the School’s testing program and results will be posted on a weekly basis. To protect the privacy of this information, the testing dashboard is located behind the parent portal. On clicking the link below, you will be asked to login. 

Current Testing REsults 

Additional resources

Metrics developed by the Connecticut Department of Health and the Department of Education, including levels of infection by county 

CDC: Corona Virus 2019

American College Health Association: Updates on COVID-19 


Past Video Communications

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Past Communications

Contact Us

Medical Director:
Jared Zelman M.D. P'04 / (860) 435-3230

Director of Health Services:
Danielle Shippey B.N.S., R.N. / (860) 435-3232

Dean of Academic Life:
Jared Hall / (860) 435-3186

Dean of Community Life:
Steve McKibben P'22 / (860) 435-3739

Director of International Programs:
David Thompson / (860) 435-3179

COVID Coordinator:
Richard Davis / (860) 435-3185

Deans' Office: (860) 435-3739 or (860) 435-3189