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We hope that you had a restorative winter break and enjoyed down time with loved ones. We are looking ahead to February and are excited to welcome students back to Lakeville. In an effort to help you finalize travel plans and make necessary arrangements, below please find a brief update on our return process and what to expect in late February. 

As conditions of the pandemic are constantly changing, please be assured that we continue to monitor public health recommendations and will adapt our safety protocols and plans as necessary. 

Note: A spring 2021 interscholastic athletic update has been posted below.


Your Preparation for February Arrival Days

Similar to the start of the school year, arrivals on campus will be carefully staged to adhere to important safety measures and protocols. 

Please reference the February 15 email sent to current families for further details.

Please click on each item below to reveal further information. 

Your Arrival on Campus


Spring 2021 Interscholastic Athletic Update

On February 5, the Founders League released the following: 

"In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and after many discussions prioritizing community health, safety, and well-being, the Founders League has unanimously, and with great regret, decided to cancel all Founders League interscholastic competition for the 2021 spring season."

We are, of course, deeply disappointed, yet we are in agreement that this is the safest decision for all of our schools and students. We are committed to providing a rigorous athletic program for student athletes at every level and to offering intersquad opportunities for on-campus play.

While the Founders League decision does not prevent member schools from scheduling interscholastic competition, we are not able to commit to games at this time. We will continue to monitor developments and the trajectory of the pandemic. We will explore opportunities to allow our athletes to compete provided conditions allow and there is an acceptably low risk of bringing COVID-19 into our campus community.

Read the full statement Hotchkiss sent to families on Feb. 9 regarding spring 2021 athletics.


Spring 2021 Return to School Webinar (Jan. 27)

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