COVID-19 | Spring 2021


As conditions of the pandemic are constantly changing, please be assured that Hotchkiss continues to monitor public health recommendations and will adapt safety protocols and plans as necessary. 



COVID-19 Vaccination Required for All Students for Fall 2021

As a reminder, all students are required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 in the fall. Families should make arrangements for students to complete a full course of vaccine (a second shot in the case of Pfizer or Moderna) at least two weeks prior to the student's return to campus or participation in any School-offered programs (such as pre-season athletic training).  Proof of vaccination should be submitted with student health forms unless the vaccine was received on campus in the spring. Exceptions will be provided only for documented medical or religious reasons that are filed with the School in accordance with state requirements. Recent changes to CT law regarding religious exemptions are outlined below.

For students unable to obtain a vaccine approved by the World Health Organization in their home country, Hotchkiss will provide access to the Pfizer vaccine in September. Students in need of vaccination should plan to arrive on campus on August 31 in order to quarantine for 7 days prior to the start of classes in accordance with current CDC recommendations for travel.  If your student will require vaccination on campus, please contact Director of Health Services Danielle Shippey to reserve an appointment.

Updated Information Regarding Requests for Religious Exemption

Recent changes to state law in Connecticut have limited our ability to honor religious exemptions. On April 28, 2021, Governor Ned Lamont signed a law eliminating religious exemption from all vaccinations mandated in Connecticut (see Connecticut General Assembly House Bill No. 6423, An Act Concerning Immunizations) with the exception outlined below. This law applies to all public and private schools in the state. 

Under HB No. 6423, only students who were enrolled in a Connecticut K-12 school and had filed a religious exemption that complied with Connecticut law prior to April 28, 2021 may be exempt from State-mandated vaccinations. Hotchkiss will honor such existing exemptions, but we are not able to grant any religious exemptions filed after that date. Differences in law in a student’s home state or home country, if any, are not material to this requirement in Connecticut. 

Please contact Director of Health Services Danielle Shippey with questions.