Important Contacts

Student-related questions

  • Academic Office/Registrar
    Course selection, course enrollment, grades, transcripts, advisors, address & phone updates: email, 860-435-3186 (It is always wise to talk to teachers or the appropriate faculty member first if you have questions about grades or comments.)
  • Academic Support
    Study skills and academic preparation assistance
  • Admission Office
    Applications, I-20 forms, final transcript from previous school: email, 860-435-3102
  • Business Office
    Enrollment, tuition, payment plans, online tuition payments: email, 860-435-3168
  • College Advising email, 860-435-3180
  • Communications Office
    Names & Faces /debit card photos, parent consent forms, parent portal and other website help: email, 860-435-3201
  • Deans’ Office
    Dean of Students, class deans, residential life, transportation, proctors: email Sarah Vallera, 860-435-3189; Jackie Nichols, 860-435-3185
  • Events
    Major School events including Opening Days, Parents Weekend, Graduation: email, 860-435-3188
  • Excuse Office
    For routine requests to leave campus on weekends: email, 860-435-3202
  • Financial Aid
    Awards and application: email, 860-435-3110
  • Health Center
    Health forms, health insurance, immunizations, medical and counseling services: email, 860-435-3226
  • Information Technology Service HelpDesk
    Student laptops, usernames and passwords, information technology and security: email, 860-435-4487
  • Student Clubs and Activities
    Director of Student Activities
  • Travel Programs and Support for Students from Abroad
    Information about travel programs and support for students from abroad

Campus Safety and Security

Campus security, located on the ground floor of Coy dormitory, is on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Security manages the main phone switchboard (860-435-2591). To contact security at any time, community members can dial 0 from any campus phone.

In the event of an emergency: call 911.

Other services:

  • Trouble with accessing buildings or rooms
  • Reserving vehicles (Faculty and Staff)
  • General assistance

Employee matters and benefits

Log into Ultipro for time-off requests, PTO, benefit overviews. Human Resources for matters related to management training, benefits, insurance, and compliance

Associate Dean of Faculty for matters of residential, teaching, and coaching assignments.

Contact your department head or manager for work related matters. Contact Human Resources for matters related to professional development, payroll, benefits, insurance, and employment compliance questions.

Business Office

Policies, procedures,forms, reimbursements, financial matters, and risk management matters.

Business Office

Campus Store

School supplies, merchandise, and textbooks. email860-435-3670

Post Office

Questions about mail, packages, and shipping: email, 860-435-3299

Using a Space for an Event

Contact Lisa Brown if you would like to use a space on campus. For more information


Religious Services

Religious services: email, 860-435-3669

Laundry Services

Laundry facilities and services are also offered in all dormitories. To learn about laundry service, visit The Campus Laundry's website (password BM39).