All-School Read Announced
All-School Read Announced

Head of School Craig Bradley selected The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore as the next All-School Read. In a memo to the School community, Director of the Edsel Ford Memorial Library Rob Hilliker described the book, which was published in 2010:

"Wes Moore's idea for the book started with a simple observation—in the same year that the Baltimore Sun was writing about his receiving a Rhodes Scholarship, it was writing about another Wes Moore who lived blocks away from him and who was arrested and sentenced to life in prison for shooting and killing a police officer during a robbery. Moore examines the parallels and differences between his life and that of the "other Wes Moore," trying to understand how they ended up in such different places."

Bradley selected this title from a short-list prepared by the All-School Read Committee after reviewing books (click to view) suggested by the community. Committee members included:
  • Christy Cooper, Dean of the Class of '18
  • Isabel Conti '18
  • John Thorne-Thomsen, Mechanic
  • Mark Knapp, Assistant Facility Manager, Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Pierre Yoo, Instructor in Chemistry
  • Rachel Myers, Instructor in English
  • Robert Hilliker, Director of the Edsel Ford Memorial Library
  • Samuel Suslavich '18
  • Serena Barkeley '18
  • Sonia Bonsu, Director of the Hotchkiss Fund

The book was distributed to all students at the June 2 "step up" all-school meeting in Walker Auditorium, where students assumed their seats for the upcoming 2017-18 academic year. To learn more about The Other Wes Moore and its author, you can watch this video of Wes Moore speaking at the Aspen Institute, or take a look at the original NY Times review of the book by Nicholas Kristof.