Hotchkiss Announces New Mission Statement

Head of School Craig Bradley announced a new Hotchkiss mission statement, statement of values, and re-translation of the School's motto in a recent message to the community. The announcement represents the culmination of a 14-month process, led by a Mission Task Force chaired by Elizabeth Hines '93, Classics Instructor Richard Davis, and Math Instructor Letty Downs.

Click here to read the message from Bradley

Click here to read the new Hotchkiss mission statement

"From the very beginning of this process, it was clear to us that we needed to be as inclusive of voices throughout the community as possible in order to create an authentic and accurate reflection of the School," says Hines. "We invited everyone to participate—alumni, students, faculty, staff, parents—and were thrilled to hear from more than 1,000 people, who shared incredibly valuable and thoughtful insights."

"The end goal was to write a declaration of what we believe a Hotchkiss education can deliver. This was not an easy task, considering the range of suggestions offered—some were very passionate in their beliefs. By having such an involved Task Force and an engaged Listening Committee, I think we achieved just that."

Hines continued, "We are grateful for the dedication of those involved and we look forward to seeing the School move forward, with this statement as its guide."