Learning About LGBTQ History

Students in Emma Wynn's GLBT U.S. History class had the opportunity to see their research come to life in an exhibit in the upper rotunda of Main Building. With the help of Curator of Special Collections Joan Baldwin and Archivist Rosemary Davis, the class worked together to curate an exhibit on the people, art, literature, and events that have shaped the LGBTQ community.

Senior Rosie Villano '17 said the course taught her about how major milestones in U.S. history affected the fight for LGBTQ rights. "It gives you an appreciation for the context that led to these cultural shifts," she said.

The show features 10 panels, each of which highlights a different aspect of LGBTQ history and the movement towards acceptance and equality — from Lucinda B. Chandler, a late 19th-century reformer who opposed marriage on the grounds that it forced women into "legalized prostitution," to Audre Lord, a black feminist lesbian writer and activist.

Wynn hopes the exhibit will spark interest in a part of U.S. history that often gets left out of traditional textbooks. "I hope it demonstrates the many ways in which groups and subjects traditionally marginalized or excluded altogether from traditional accounts are a crucial part of the history of the United States."

The show will remain on display through June Reunion.