Thank You For Supporting Hotchkiss!

Thank you for contributing to Hotchkiss during the 2016-17 fiscal year. Your generosity resulted in a record-breaking number of donors – over 4,200 – to The Hotchkiss Fund, The Parents Fund, and various endowment and capital initiatives, raising an extraordinary $25.1 million in total gift revenue in support of our students, faculty, staff, and programs.

The 2016-17 annual campaign for The Hotchkiss Fund raised $5,448,974. Leading the volunteer efforts again this past year were Chuck Gulden '79, P'12, President of The Hotchkiss Fund, and Sandy and April Neubauer P'14,'18, Parents Fund Chairs.

Chuck, who passed away one week before the close of the fiscal year, would have been immensely proud of our community. He adored Hotchkiss and remarked in his final communication to Class Agents that "it has been a privilege to work with you not only to raise funds for programs at Hotchkiss, but to continue to build a deeper sense of community among our classmates and the overall alumni body. Click here to read a tribute to Chuck .

Alumni giving to all funds reached 38% participation this year. A total of 3,049 Hotchkiss alumni donated $3,150,914 to The Hotchkiss Fund. Parents of current students raised a record-breaking $1,941,444 for The Hotchkiss Parents Fund exceeding last year's parent total by over $154,926. Current parents also achieved an impressive 81% participation for the year.

The success of this year's fundraising efforts was due largely to the energy and dedication of more than 400 alumni, parents, grandparents, and friends who volunteered countless hours to raise funds for the School. The Neubauers praised Parent Agents for their commitment: "We hope you know that your outreach and hard work are the direct reasons for this success, and these efforts on behalf of Hotchkiss have made a direct impact on each and every student."

Contributions provide much needed resources to help sustain the School's ability to provide outstanding educational opportunities, attract exceptional faculty and staff and provide a robust financial aid program. "Thank you to the thousands of people who supported Hotchkiss this year and contributed to continuing our tradition of excellence. We are humbled and inspired by your generous support. Thank you!" said Head of School Craig Bradley.