Visitors Policy

Policy Regarding Campus Visitors

The Hotchkiss School is a private independent boarding school. As such, its buildings and grounds are generally not open to the public.

Members of the public are granted access to the campus to observe those events that the School deems open to the public. When on campus, such visitors have the status of guests, and are subject to all School policies and to all requirements that the School in its discretion may impose on campus visitors. Campus access is limited to approved events only, and other rooms or locations on campus are not open to the public. Visitors may not have any contact with students or solicit them in any way at any time.

The School is responsible for protecting the privacy of its students. Hotchkiss does not allow photography of its students, buildings, or premises except by members of the Hotchkiss community (students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni of Hotchkiss) or by those persons hired by the School to do photography.

The School reserves the right to revoke the guest privileges any of visitors who fail to comply with School policies, as well as those visitors who fail to cooperate with School personnel or who object to the directives of School personnel.

The School reserves the right to review and change its policies as needed.