Global Initiatives at Hotchkiss help our intentionally diverse community thrive on campus and provide support and opportunities for students and faculty to engage with the world beyond the Scoville Gate.

The Center for Global Understanding and Independent Thinking

Established in 2008, the Center for Global Understanding and Independent Thinking (CGUIT) has made it possible for Hotchkiss to host luminaries and speakers from all over the world, including heads of state and visionary thinkers. The programming focuses on faculty development, and has encouraged the integration of global perspectives and issues in our curriculum. 

An Exchange of Ideas 

Hotchkiss is committed to promoting dialogue about international issues, fostering a broader understanding of citizenship, and building upon the School’s legacy of public service and global connectedness. From Prince Zeid of Jordan to Elie Wiesel, Hotchkiss has hosted numerous speakers and guest lecturers whose perspective has enriched the School’s intellectual climate.

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International Programs

Since 1999, the Office of International Programs has helped support the world at Hotchkiss and take Hotchkiss into the world providing our students with a truly transformative educational experience. 

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