The Hotchkiss School takes seriously its commitment to student safety and well-being

We look to engage our students throughout the year in continual, developmentally appropriate discussions about sound decision-making, sexual health and healthy relationships, and creating an environment of safety and respect. These discussions include creating a full understanding of what constitutes affirmative consent, sexual misconduct and assault, the consequences of such actions, and ways for students to get help and support.

To offer feedback or ask questions, please contact Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Coordinator Carrie Smith or Associate Head of School Amber Douglas.

Guided by our Commitment to Survivors

The healing of the survivor community and the safety of current students are the School’s priorities and will continue to inform our actions. The steps taken by the Board in response to the findings of the independent investigation by Locke Lord in 2018 and 2020 are final. The Board has confirmed that there are no plans to reopen the matter.

Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct


Education about Healthy Relationships and Sexual Misconduct


Our community regulations and expectations of conduct are updated and outlined in the Almanac. These are regularly reviewed with students in advisory meetings and in Class Meetings. While we encourage the postponement of sexual intimacy, we believe it's essential to talk about Connecticut state law regarding the age of consent and Hotchkiss's expectations regarding consent and sexual misconduct.

If a student is a victim of sexual assault or if a student is unsure if what they experienced was sexual assault, they should contact Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Coordinator Carrie Smith (860-435-3697), Associate Head of School Amber Douglas (860-435-1539), or call or visit the Health Center (860-435-3226).

Follow this link to visit Campus Safety and Security page.

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