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The Hotchkiss School Summer Portals
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Summer Portals is excited to announce planning for residential, online and day student programming for 2021. All academic enrichment programs are being designed as hybrid learning experiences that can easily move from in-person to remote should public health conditions require programmatic shifts. Application information will be available in early 2021, and we will continue to share programming updates on this website. For more information about Summer Portals and to let us know which programs are of greatest interest to you, please complete this inquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you!


Find your passion.

Try something new. Make lifelong friends.

Spend each day immersed learning something that excites you — whether it’s environmental science, piano, robotics, debate, engineering, or DNA science. And find new friends who are just as passionate and curious as you are.

Hotchkiss Summer Portals is a residential program that offers middle and high-school age students the opportunity to hone a talent, try something new, and experience life at a New England boarding school. In each two or three-week session, you will learn from dedicated faculty members and experts. You’ll also live in a dorm with kids from other programs and a faculty advisor, take part in fun activities, and hang out with new friends.

The school year may end in the summer, but the learning continues. Our Hotchkiss summer programs offer something that will stir your interests, whether you've got a scientific curiosity, a mathematic mind or an artistic eye.

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Our Programs

American Literature and Theatre

This three-week American Literature and Theatre program helps international students delve into an immersive introduction to American literature, culture, and history. Small class sizes and a practice-based approach offer a hands-on learning experience. Learn More


Study the stars with a two-week Astronomy class. You'll learn the basics of Astronomy and have a chance to view the night sky through state-of-the-art telescope technologies. Learn More


DNA Science

Learn more about DNA science through our beginner or intermediary programs. These courses provide students with an in-depth framework of DNA structure and function, using the latest technologies to clone genes and more. Learn More

DNA Science: Advanced Practicum

Our DNA Science: Advanced Practicum program is specifically designed for students who intend to pursue research-level opportunities in molecular biology. Learn More

Environmental Science

Get in touch with nature in our Environmental Science course, a field-based program that introduces students to the fundamentals and offers hands-on experience through an advanced practicum. You'll study the ecosystems of the local area near our beautiful summer school in Connecticut. Learn More


Our leadership program inspires and strengthens students to speak boldly, lead well and implement a community-based mindset. This two-week program is designed to develop student leaders who learn to come up with creative solutions to complex problems. Learn More


Young pianists thrive during our intensive Piano program, which provides a unique opportunity to practice and learn under the tutelage of renowned teachers. It's the perfect opportunity to deep-dive into your craft and culminates with the chance to perform in front of a live audience at the world class facility. Learn More


Through our Robotics course, you'll learn all the coding know-how you need to build and program responsive micro-controlled robots. Yes, it will be every bit as cool as it sounds. Learn More

Software Engineering

Interested in software design? Our multi-session Software Engineering summer program will give you a taste of this field. You'll even have the chance to create your own mobile app. Learn More

Speech & Debate

Our Speech and Debate Summer Portal brings your debating skills to the next level. You'll participate in ample public speaking opportunities and hone your argumentation skills. Learn More

Structural Engineering

Prototype, test, and revise your ideas in a collaborative space designed to stimulate real-world creativity and innovation. You'll use our state-of-the-art lab to design a final project. Learn More


An International Student Body

Students from across the globe apply to our Connecticut summer program. Whether you're a current Hotchkiss student or hail from the other side of the world, there's a place for you here. Students have the chance to learn alongside peers from different backgrounds and nationalities. There's no better way to develop strong friendships with fellow students from around the world!

Learn by living in a community of friends:

  • Take part in a wide range of activities
  • Experience dorm life with the support of caring and fun teachers and advisors
  • Make new friends
  • Enjoy the lakes, trails, and woods of the Berkshire-Taconic landscape

Apply to Summer Portals

Where are Portals students from? All over the world....

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