Summer Portals Offers On-Campus and Virtual Programming in 2023!

Hotchkiss Summer Portals is excited to welcome you back to our campus in 2023! Our residential programming runs in two two-week sessions; July 2 to 15, 2023 and July 16 to 30, 2023. Students typically enroll in two courses, one course per session, and stay for the entirety of our four-week program, though students may elect to participate in a single two-week session. Each day students are immersed in their academic course after which they enjoy a range of afternoon and evening activities such as intramural soccer, hiking, swimming or bonfires at Fairfield Farm. Our picturesque 800-acre campus serves as both classroom and playground for Summer Portals students. Course offerings and dates as well as course descriptions and tuition information are detailed below. Tuition is all inclusive of room, board, course expenses, most on and off campus activities, and technology and health center fees.

Hotchkiss-Run Residential Programs

Coding & Software Engineering

Computer Science & Mobile App Design

Environmental Science

Equity Is the Work: Writing for Justice

Fly Fishing

The Physics of the Electric Guitar

Piano Program



Writers & Writing

Speech & Debate

Studio Art - Drawing the Observed World

Structural Engineering - Race Car Design


2023 Program Highlights

Hotchkiss-Run Day Programs

Partner-Run Day Programs

Partner-Run Residential Program

Partner-Run VIrtual Programs

Cultivate your passion.

Spend each day immersed learning something that excites you — the arts, science, literature, or debate — and find new friends who are just as passionate and curious as you are.

Hotchkiss Summer Portals offers middle and high-school age students the opportunity to hone a talent or try something new while experiencing the unique learning community that is Hotchkiss. In each two-week session, our dedicated faculty members share their expertise and passion with students from all over the world. 

The school year may end, but the learning continues at Summer Portals. Whether you are a budding scientist, have the discerning eye of an artist or the desire to refine your voice as a writer, we hope you will join us and explore your interests.



An International Student Body

Students from across the globe apply to our Connecticut summer program. Whether you're a current Hotchkiss student or hail from the other side of the world, there's a place for you here. Students have the chance to learn alongside peers from different backgrounds and nationalities. There's no better way to develop strong friendships with fellow students from around the world!

Learn by living in a community of friends:

  • Take part in a wide range of activities
  • Experience dorm life with the support of caring and fun teachers and advisors
  • Make new friends
  • Enjoy the lakes, trails, and woods of the Berkshire-Taconic landscape

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