Biomimicry Engineering

COST: $3,200
Age: Rising 8th Graders and older
DATES: July 12 - 26, 2020
Maximum Enrollment: 14 Students

Utilizing an authentic Engineering Design Process and hands on fabrication skills, inventors will create a toy that will incorporate natural elements, models, or systems to solve a particular problem. Immersing themselves in the challenge of problem-solving, participants will prototype, test, and revise their ideas in a collaborative space designed to stimulate real-world creativity and innovation.

Beginning by researching biomimicry while learning how to use the various resources in our Hotchkiss Class of 2017 EFX Lab and the Leung Prototyping Studio (band saws, drills, miter saws and jigsaws; the Epilog Laser Fusion M2 laser cutter; and the Zortrax and formLabs 3D printers), students will design a series of models before assembling a final product with moving parts that will mimic a living organism.

This program is ideal for those students who are not afraid to fail, those who dare to challenge themselves to hone the skills of exploration, entrepreneurialism, and risk-taking.


Paul Oberto, Director of the Class of 2017 EFX Lab and Instructor in Chemistry

Paul Oberto joined the Hotchkiss faculty in 2000. He has taught various levels of high school biology and chemistry, and developed and taught elective courses for seniors in biotechnology and genetics. Paul was named director of the Class of 2017 EFX Lab in 2018. He is an assistant coach of varsity baseball and football, and lives on campus with his wife, Jennifer, and his two children, Quillan and Rosie.