Ceramics Portfolio: Hand-Building Essentials

Hotchkiss Summer Portals | Ceramics Portfolio
Cost: $3,250
Age: Rising 8th Graders and Older
Maximum Capacity: 10 STUDENTS

The Hotchkiss Summer Portals Ceramics Portfolio program is appropriate for both beginning and experienced artists, and emphasizes multiple hand-building methods including pinch, slab, and slip construction, as well as inventive surface decoration techniques. Students will experiment with ceramic materials and gain practical knowledge of glaze chemistry. Projects will explore functional and sculptural form demonstrating three-dimensional design concepts while surveying the rich global history of ceramic art for inspiration. This foundational course will culminate in a program wide presentation and a digital portfolio for submission to secondary schools. The newly renovated Cullman Art Center provides state of the art facilities with three ceramics studio spaces, three kilns, an outdoor working patio, and a breathtaking view of the Hotchkiss campus. The curriculum will include visits to artist studios, galleries and museums including Yale University Art Gallery.