Environmental Science

Hotchkiss Summer Portals

SESSION I: June 30 - July 13, 2024

COST: $4,000


The Hotchkiss Summer Portals Environmental Science Program is a dynamic and immersive field-and-lab-based program designed to introduce students to fundamental environmental science concepts and practices. Situated within the vibrant ecosystem of southern New England, this program prioritizes field exploration to deepen students' understanding of ecological processes. Emphasizing the interconnectedness of Earth's physical and biological systems, it equips participants with the essential knowledge and skills necessary to become environmental stewards, fostering a sense of responsibility that spans local, national, and global scales. Through hands-on experiences amidst Hotchkiss' expansive 800-plus acres of forests, pastures, streams, and lakes, as well as at our Fairfield Farm and the Griswold Science Building, students will actively engage in our curriculum, exploring diverse topics such as botany, zoology, soil science, vertebrate osteology, and ornithology while also participating in activities related to climate change, renewable energy, conservation, and environmental politics. This comprehensive applied approach to field ecology not only enhances participants’ understanding of natural processes but also provides the backdrop for learning about historical and contemporary impacts of human activities on the environment to better promote a sustainable future for all.