Environmental Science

Hotchkiss Summer Portals

SESSION I: June 30 - July 13, 2024
COST: $4000


The Hotchkiss Summer Portals Environmental Science Program is a field- and lab-based program that introduces students to key concepts and practices of environmental science. Students will explore and conduct hands-on research using Hotchkiss’ 800-plus acres of woods, pastures, streams, and lakes, in addition to our facilities at Fairfield Farm and the Griswold Science Building. Throughout the program, students will develop an understanding of ecological processes as they operate in New England and beyond, deepen their environmental stewardship, and learn the tools and instrumentation needed to study field biology and environmental science. By honing crucial analytical skills, students will gain skills and knowledge to put their coursework into practice. We will use key questions to drive learning, such as: How can science help us understand the environment around us? How do humans interact with the environment? What does it look like to be a steward of natural resources on a local, national, and global scale?

We will spend much of our time outside in the field, so students will need proper field attire each day (i.e. lightweight pants, long socks, comfortable closed-toed shoes, hat, backpack, water bottle, insect repellant, sunscreen).