Where do I find information about the application process?

What should I pack?

Please note that we do not offer a laundry service in the summer. Laundry machines (operated with coins or Hotchkiss One Card) are available in the  dormitories.

In the classroom and for most meals, informal but clean dress is appropriate. Athletic clothing, tank tops, and gym shoes are inappropriate, except during afternoon activities or class work in the field. Shorts, jeans, t-shirts, polo shirts, and sandals are appropriate at any time. Some clothing suitable for concerts, trips, religious services, and other more formal occasions may be needed. All students should bring swimming and athletic gear including athletic shoes. Each dorm room is supplied with a bed, mattress, bureau, desk, desk chair, phone, and closet space for clothing.

Click here to see our suggested packing list. 

Should I bring my own laptop or tablet?

A personal laptop or tablet won’t be particularly useful, since WiFi is limited on campus and in the dorms. Computers are available to students in the Main Building (in the Edsel Ford Memorial Library and two computer labs).

How’s cell reception on campus?

Not great. Each dorm room is equipped with a landline.

Where can I buy toothpaste, shampoo, sunscreen, etc.?

All basic toiletries can be purchased at the campus store, located on the lower level of Main Building. Students can also go on weekend outings to nearby Salisbury and Millerton, where they can purchase these items and more. Students who require specialized products or prescriptions should make sure they bring enough for the duration of their program.

Will I have a roommate?

Whenever possible, students are assigned roommates. Roommates are assigned by the Director of Residential Life. Upon arrival you will be given your dormitory assignment and meet your roommate if you have one.

Should I bring my own linens?

We encourage you to bring your own linens. If you bring your own bedding, the mattress size is Twin Extra Long. If you cannot bring bedding, linens can be provided by Portals and will include two flat sheets, one pillow case, a blanket, a disposable pillow, and a towel.

What happens on Opening Day?

You will be greeted by Faculty and Resident Teaching Fellows in the Main Circle. We will direct you to your dorm and assist you with the moving in process.

What if I lose my key or Student ID (One Card)?

Let your Advisor know immediately. A hold can be put on your student bank One Card account. Teaching Fellows will assist in locating your misplaced items or helping you replace them.

How can I do my laundry?

There are laundry facilities in the basement of most dorms. You will need to bring your own detergent and pay through your One Card or coins.

Can I receive mail?

Yes, please ask friends and family to use this format:
Your Name
Hotchkiss Summer Portals
11 Interlaken Road
Lakeville, CT 06039

What should I bring?

A list with suggestions can be found in our student handbook.

Environmental Science students should come prepared to jump right into the woods and consider adding the following items to their list. Environmental Science students will wear long pants and socks in the woods and on hikes. They will also need either hiking boots or comfortable walking shoes. The hiking shoes must enclose and protect the whole foot and will need to be worn with long socks. Please bring more than one pair of long pants, pale in color. Clothes should be loose and cool as some days are humid. Tops should have long sleeves and be pale in color. Please bring a rain shell/jacket that can be rolled in their pack and carried every day. Please include a sun hat and good sun block. We provide insect repellent.

Do the dormitories have internet service?

There is limited WiFi service in the dorms. There is no real reason to bring a computer.

How can I receive phone calls?

Cell service is even more limited than Wifi service. You will have a phone in your room where can receive calls. To make long distance calls, you will need a calling card.