The gcLi Leadership Academy at Hotchkiss

Empower students to become leaders who effect positive change.

 gcLi Leadership Academy at Hotchkiss

This program is not offered in 2022

AGE: Rising 9th graders and Older

The gcLi Leadership Academy is a two-week program designed to develop your leadership skills and capacities so you can better serve others, from your home school to the global stage.You learn to:

  • Advocate for self;
  • Unleash the potential of team members;
  • Skillfully solve adaptive challenges;
  • Foster communities of belonging;
  • Speak in public with confidence;
  • Give and receive feedback.

The foundation of our approach to leadership education is the development of self-awareness: You take a deep dive into the ways in which your identifiers and dispositions shape your interactions with others. We take the cultivation of humility and resilience to the teaching of group dynamics: You and your teammates are immersed in real-world situations to learn how to build inclusive teams where everyone works together in productive and creative ways.

An Action Plan for Positive Change: You create meaningful impact in the Portals community - and beyond- by devising innovative solutions to current challenges.

Student Signature Story Presentations

At the end of the two-week session, Leadership students share signature stories that describe a defining moment in their lives. Listen to this 2017 student (below) explain how she found her voice so as to advocate for other “silent” voices: “Within each of us lies, lives a proud, inspiring, and sometimes quiet cantadora. Please remember to set her free."

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