Leadership Program: Innovate, Transform, Inspire

COST: $3,300

Returning in 2021

The Hotchkiss Student Leadership Institute is a two-week program designed to develop student leaders who can come up with creative solutions to complex problems, strengthen their communities, build effective teams, and positively influence those around them. Supported by insightful, experienced faculty, participants explore their own leadership style, examine different leadership strategies, and practice applying them in real-world situations. By the end of the course, students will develop a plan to address an issue in their home community using skills they’ve developed through the program.

Our signature approach to leadership education involves three interrelated themes: knowing self, inspiring others, and transforming communities.

  • Knowing Self: Students will have many chances to examine their own strengths, challenges, passions, and concerns. Given our enduring cultural bias towards extroverted leaders, specific attention will be paid to exploring quiet leadership and ways to leverage its power.
  • Inspiring Others: We will use the power of stories and examine the successes and failures of leaders, past and present.
  • Transforming Communities: Working together in teams, students will apply design-thinking in leadership to create solutions to problems facing local, national, and international communities.

Our graduates are poised to take on the challenge of leading with intentionality and authenticity. We prepare student leaders who can:

  • Innovate: Devise shared and creative solutions to 21st century concerns and issues.
  • Transform: Move their entire communities to places of greater inclusion and integrity.
  • Inspire: Build teams to create sustainable change.



At the end of the two-week session, Leadership students share signature stories that describe a defining moment in their lives. Listen to this 2017 student (below) explain how she found her voice so as to advocate for other “silent” voices: “Within each of us lies, lives a proud, inspiring, and sometimes quiet cantadora. Please remember to set her free."

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