Hotchkiss Summer Portals | Rocket Building Program

SESSION I: July 14 - 27, 2024
COST: $4,200

Students will learn the fundamentals of model rocketry by designing, building and flying a
rocket that can be used to compete in the American Rocketry Challenge (ARC) at the student’s home school. Rocket flight fundamentals will be studied to design a model rocket that meets the rules of the 2024 ARC, open to students in U.S. schools in grades 6-12. Students will conduct flight simulations to optimize the design of the rocket. Once the design is complete, students will build, paint and add design to their rocket. Students will then fly their completed rocket to test the accuracy of their simulations. Students will be provided instruction that will allow them to take their rocket back to their school, form a team, and compete in the 2024.