Structural Engineering - Aircraft Design

SESSION I: June 30 - July 13, 2024
The Program is at Full Capacity

COST: $4,300

Age: Rising 7th Graders and older

Aircraft Design introduces students to the fundamentals of engineering design and simulation by developing models of different aircraft. The setting for the class is the Griswold Science Building. To begin, students learn the basics of Bernoulli’s principles and apply their knowledge in learning how to create 3D models of different airfoil designs in a CAD software, then determine the lift-to-drag coefficient through Aerodynamic simulations. This will help guide students in designing, building, and flying their own RC (remote control) aircraft out of foam board sheets. Students will also learn the basics of electronics through using motors, servos, receivers, ESC (electronic speed controller), and transmitters. Once their aircraft is successfully built, students will have the opportunity to practice flying on a simulator before testing their skills on their own aircraft. No previous computer modeling or RC flying experience is necessary to take this class.