Structural Engineering - Race Car Design

Hotchkiss | EFX Lab

SESSION I: June 30 - July 13, 2024
COST: $4300

Age: Rising 7th Graders and older

Race Car Design introduces students to the fundamentals of engineering design and simulation by developing a model of a race car. The setting for the class is the School’s Class of 2017 EFX Laboratory, our cutting-edge engineering and fabrication space in the Griswold Science Building. To begin, students will learn how to create models in Onshape, a web-based CAD software. Once basic modeling skills are mastered, students will design an aerodynamic body shape that will be the basis of the overall vehicle design. Individual components used in the powertrain, steering, and suspension will then be added to the model. After component placement has been determined, students will design a frame to connect the components together. The frame design will be put through a series of structural simulations to make sure it is strong enough to support the forces endured in a high-speed crash. Aerodynamic simulation will also be introduced to determine the drag coefficient of the body shape. 3D printed models of the race cars will be made by the students during the camp. No previous computer modeling or race car driving experience is necessary to take this class.