Theatre Program

Hotchkiss | Theatre

SESSION I: June 30 - July 13, 2024

COST: $3,800


Anyone can do it, and everyone will get something wonderful out of it. At Hotchkiss Theatre Program, we'll help you acquire tools that will allow you to fire up your imagination and let your uniqueness shine through.

The focus is going to be on learning and growing as artists and on building an ensemble through fun games, improvisation, voice and movement workshops, and scene work.

We will learn ways to silence the inner critic so that our authentic personality comes through. We will learn to listen: acting is reacting! We will build an ensemble where everyone has your back.

Here are some of the skills you will acquire or strengthen: being comfortable in front of an audience; listening and empathy; body awareness; vocal production; improvisation; self-discipline; playing as part of an ensemble; working toward a staged performance; giving and receiving constructive feedback; self-reflection, and reinforcement of learned skills.

The experience will be geared toward the unique students who enroll, allowing each one to sink their teeth into a meaningful role. It will culminate in a presentation of scenes or a one-act play to friends and family.