Theatre Program

Hotchkiss | Theatre
Session: TBD
COST: $3,700

"It was only in the theatre that I lived.” So says one of Oscar Wilde’s characters as she reflects upon the thrill of the stage. The Hotchkiss Theatre Program seeks to cultivate theatrical skills that will prove equally valuable in life, namely personal discipline, awareness, and creativity. Through various exercises, discussions, reflective writing, and multiple performances, students will analyze what makes effective storytelling and practice methods of achieving it. Script analysis and dramatic critique will inform dynamic vocal and movement choices, starting with a monologue and culminating in a short play or scene. This Portal will focus on diligence and resilience rather than “talent”, with particular emphasis on personal accountability and the strength of an ensemble. Based on a short zoom call prior to the course start date, students will be assigned a role and should be “off book” once they arrive on campus.