Method Test Prep

Hotchkiss has contracted with Method Test Prep, a well-known program utilized by many of our peer schools, to provide online ACT and SAT resources for students. Many students have improved their ACT or SAT scores by using Method Test Prep. The program helps students identify areas of strength and weaknesses, then focuses their test prep accordingly.

Key features of Method Test Prep include:

  • Practice with pace and timing. Some exercises include timers for each question to help students gauge the amount of time to devote to individual questions and to the section as a whole.
  • ACT and SAT review packets
  • Evaluation tests
  • Full-length exams
  • Oral/written explanations of test questions

How to Access Method Test Prep:

  • Click this link:
  • Click the “Signup” tab.
  • Fill in the form, using your Hotchkiss email address, and when asked for username and password, using your Hotchkiss login.
  • After completing the registration successfully, you will receive a welcome email message from Method Test Prep.