The Mischianza

Dear Senior Parents,

As we commence our final year at Hotchkiss, it is hard to believe how fast the time has passed. In celebration of our incredible memories at Hotchkiss, we, along with our dedicated staff, are preparing this year’s senior yearbook, titled the Mischianza. The yearbook could not be produced without the gracious support of our seniors and their families. All seniors will receive a yearbook at no charge, but if a parent would like to order additional copies, we offer pricing information below.

We are appealing to all senior families to place personal advertisements and salutations in the Mischianza for their respective graduating students. In the past, approximately 75 percent of senior parents have contributed to the Mischianza in some way, in the form of a donation or paid salutation. We hope that this tradition of support continues. Our goal is to achieve 100 percent participation this year. All of the information you need concerning prices, deadlines, and instructions is included on this page.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

All the best,

Lilly Barnes, Dear Liu, Hannah Liu, and Harry Roepers
2019 Editors

Welcome to the Mischianza web page. Below is some general information about the yearbook.

Parent Ads and Salutations

Deadline: December 1, 2018

Every year, the Mischianza, the Hotchkiss yearbook, is created by a group of dedicated and hardworking Hotchkiss students. The yearbook staff works to create a book that reflects the current year at Hotchkiss, with a focus on the senior class. The yearbook could not be produced without the gracious support of seniors and their families. The Mischianza would like to appeal to all senior families to place personal advertisements and salutations in the Mischianza for their respective graduating child.

Size: Price:
One-half page (9" x 6") $250.00
Quarter page (4.5” x 6”) $175.00
One-eighth page (4.5” x 3”) $100.00

Ads are ordered through Yearbook Order Center (use code 14094) to access Hotchkiss information). Please review their website for more information. Ads must be placed through Herff Jones by December 1, 2018.

Yearbook Prices
Every senior automatically receives a complimentary copy of the yearbook.

Parents and other students (Ship to Hotchkiss) $90.00
Parents and other students (Ship to U.S. address) $100.00


Currently we can only ship to U.S. mailing addresses.

Copies of the Mischianza can be ordered by contacting Herff Jones, the publisher, via their website (enter code 14094) or by calling 866-287-3096. 2019 yearbook sales with Herff Jones are open now.

Making a tax deductible donation to the Mischianza

Platinum Sponsor $5,000.00
Gold Sponsor $2,500.00
Silver Sponsor $1,500.00
Benefactor $1,000.00
Patron $500.00
Supporter $375.00
Donor $250.00
Contributor $125.00
Friend $75.00

Donate to Mischianza here

Senior Portraits

This year the Mischianza will allot a half page for each senior profile, which consists of a senior portrait (black and white photograph) and text that the senior supplies to us.

Seniors should submit their portraits to by January 10, 2019.  
The Mischianza provides two opportunities for seniors to have their photos taken on campus:
1. Seniors can sign up to have Jennifer Moriarty, a professional photographer, take their photo on September 19, 20, or 21. Click here for information from Ms. Moriarty. Parents may contact her directly to order photo prints.
2. Instructor in Photography and professional photographer Colleen MacMillan will also take photos in October, dates and further information TBA.

Students may also supply their own photo (color or black and white), provided the resolution is 600ppi and the dimensions are 4"x6".

Some History

The word mischianza, or meschianza, is derived from the conflation of the Italian words mescere (to mix) and mischiare (to mingle). The Mischianza was a medley of events held at Walnut Grove in Philadelphia on May 18, 1778, to celebrate the departure of General William Howe, commander-in-chief of the British army in Philadelphia, for his native England. Howe’s officers each contributed 140 pounds to pay for the affair, which included a procession of decorated boats that advanced up the Delaware River and docked near Green Street Wharf, a jousting tournament on a nearby green, an elaborate banquet, dancing, and a colorful display of fireworks.

With specific regard to the use of the word at Hotchkiss, the foreign-sounding name corresponded to similar publications like Pot-Pourri at Andover and Olla Podrida at Lawrenceville. The first Hotchkiss Meschianza was published in 1896. Someone from the Class of 1896 with the nickname “Hedge” is credited with coming up with the name. The name was changed to Mischianza in 1905; Headmaster Huber Buehler suggested that spelling it with the “i” was more correct.