Book Prizes Awarded for Outstanding Academic Achievement

Each year, Hotchkiss awards Book Prizes to recognize members of the prep, lower-mid, and upper-mid classes for outstanding academic achievement. These students have demonstrated mastery of relevant content, keen critical thinking, and impressive curiosity.

Below are the recipients of the Book Prizes, which celebrate academic achievements from the 2022-23 school year. The awards were presented in class meetings in October 2023. Hotchkiss congratulates all recipients for their commitment, passion, and leadership.

(Major School Prizes were awarded during Convocation on Sept. 8. View the recipients of Major School Prizes.)

For Excellence in Visual and Performing Arts


Upper Mid Music Prize

Sophie Elliott ’24

Lower Mid Music Prize

Victoria Fang ’25

Max Salzinger ’25

Prep Music Prize

Yobin Kim ’26

Emma Liu ’26



The Russell A. Edwards Prize

Jack McCarthy ’26


Studio Art

Upper Mid Studio Art Portfolio

Jacquo Pierre ’24

Hanna Sun ’24

Lower Mid Humanities Studio Art

Phoenix Feng ’25

Ophelia Cham ’25

Prep Humanities Studio Art

Katharine Ellis ’26

Lauren Niem ’26



Upper Mid Ceramics

Will Trachsel ’24

Lower Mid Ceramics

Petal Hammam ’25

Nola Lai ’25

Prep Ceramics

Anya Reppa ’26 



Upper Mid Architecture

Max Lam ’24


Photography, Film, and Related Media

Upper Mid Film

Angela Li ’24

Upper Mid Photo

Quisha Lee ’24

Lower Mid Photo

William Yee ’25

Henry Shattuck ’25

Prep Photo

Emily Cho-Sayegh ’26

Remy Lee ’26


For Excellence in Classical and Modern Languages 


Upper Mid Chinese Prize

Bea Garvey ’24

Lower Mid Chinese Prize

Nola Lai ’25

Prep Chinese Prize

Thea Dunckel ’26 



Upper Mid French Prize

Jared Hurst ’24

Parth Jain ’24

Lower Mid French Prize

Aaliyah Wang ’25

Prep French Prize

Clemmie Morlock ’26



Upper Mid Greek Prize

Tory Dana ’24 



Upper Mid German Prize

Zoe Froimovitz ’24

Lower Mid German Prize

Emmett Roswech ’25

Prep German Prize

Eli Albert ’26 



Upper Mid Latin Prize

Will Levy ’24

Lower Mid Latin Prize

Jami Huang ’25

The Richard Bacon Latin Prize

Remy Lee ’26 



Upper Mid Spanish Prize

Ben Who ’24

Lower Mid Spanish Prize

Addie Cirulis ’25

Prep Spanish Prize

Arielle Sibley-Grice ’26 


For Excellence in English 

Upper Mid English Prize

Sophie Elliott ’24

Nate Seidenstein ’24

Lower Mid English Prize

Jeannie Yang ’25

Marisin McLain ’25

Prep English Prize

Dwyer Illick ’26

Sofia Rasic ’26


For Excellence in Humanities and Social Sciences

The Terry Prize (for best essay on a topic related to American citizenship)

Ben Who ’24

The George Washington Letter and the Relevance of Religious Liberty in Today's World

Teo Everts ’26


For Excellence in Mathematics

Stephen T. Bolmer Math Prize

Ava Frankel ’24

Alex Zhang ’24

Lower Mid Math Prize

Andrew Xie ’25

Prep Math Prize

Tina Zhao ’26 

Upper Mid Computer Science Prize

Jacob Zweiback ’24 

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