A New Academic Year Kicks Off 

In his Convocation remarks, Head of School Craig Bradley spoke of a woodworking seminar he took over the summer in which he learned how to make Windsor chairs, connecting that  experience to the School's immersive learning environment. During the learning process, he said, "You may make mistakes, but you will learn from them, and like a chair of many hand-hewed parts shaped under the tutelage of talented masters, your Hotchkiss education will consist of many parts that will come together to form a whole — a whole that has strength, integrity, and beauty and that will serve you for a lifetime."
School Presidents Daniel Pai '19 and Caitlin Reilly '19 also addressed students, urging them to be kind to those around them. "We all possess the power to choose kindness, and to make someone's else's day," she said. "If you try to make one person's day better, they will pay it forward to someone else, and eventually all of our days will be better, and Hotchkiss will be a more positive place."
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