Announcing the New Advisory Committee for Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Education

Hotchkiss’s commitment to the safety of our students is paramount. It is woven through the School’s mission statement, the values we espouse, the training we provide to our faculty and staff, the resources we make available to students, alumni, and employees, and the way we conduct ourselves as a community. 

The risk of sexual misconduct is one that all schools face. It is our commitment to position Hotchkiss at the forefront of prevention while continuing to support healing for those who were harmed in the past. In line with this commitment, the School is pleased to announce the formation of a new Advisory Committee for Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Education. 

The SMPE Advisory Committee is charged with bringing informed thinking and expertise to ensuring that all Hotchkiss students are safe, seen and supported; that all employees live and work in a safe and healthy environment; that all members of the on-campus community are well-trained and alert to the signs of inappropriate behavior; and that all alumni are provided with avenues of communication and support. 

The SMPE Advisory Committee comprises Hotchkiss alumni, representatives from the Board of Trustees, current Hotchkiss faculty, and experts in the field of sexual abuse and prevention. The following, inaugural members have been appointed by the Head of School and Chairs of the Board of Trustees to serve a three-year term:  

  • Mark Berkowitz '88, is an investor and strategic advisor 
  • Ann Sprole Cheston '91, P’23, LICSW, Adjustment Counselor at the Dover-Sherborn Middle School and High School 
  • Brandeis Nilaja Green '99, Ph.D, licensed Clinical Psychologist and Consultant at Standpoint Therapy & Organizational Consulting 
  • Elizabeth Krimendahl '78, Director of the William Alanson White Institute 
  • Jennifer Mahon ’85, is a psychologist and founder of the Practical Psychologist and Proficient Parents, PLC
  • Tim Sullivan '81, P'13,'16, Member of the Hotchkiss Board of Trustees and chairman of
  • Rhonda Trotter '79, Member of the Hotchkiss Board of Trustees and senior trial lawyer, Arnold & Porter LLP

Faculty liaisons to the Advisory Committee:

  • Christina L.M. Cooper P’08,’11, Dean of the Class of 2021, Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Coordinator, Instructor in English
  • Steve McKibben P’22, Dean of Community Life, Instructor in English

The committee will convene twice per year to advise the School regarding best practices for the prevention of sexual misconduct at Hotchkiss. Its recommendations will be shared with the Head of School, the Dean of Faculty, and will be reported regularly to the Board of Trustees.

Please visit this page to read more about the members of the Advisory Committee or to submit comments or questions. We welcome your feedback today and going forward.  

Special note:

Hotchkiss continues to maintain an absolute commitment to transparency with respect to the investigation of reports of sexual misconduct by members of the faculty or staff that occurred at any time in the School’s history. Anyone wishing to come forward to report abuse by an adult member of the Hotchkiss community is invited to contact the School’s independent investigator, Alison O’Neil, by telephone at (617) 239-0729 or by email at

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