Convocation and Major School Prizes Formally Open 2023-24 School Year
Hotchkiss Convocation 2023

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By Darryl Gangloff

Convocation, a time-honored tradition, formally opened the school year on Friday, Sept. 8, and celebrated students during the major school prizes ceremony.

Dr. Jason Larson, director of religious and spiritual life and instructor in philosophy and religion, delivered the invocation. “It is my hope that joy and passion will build us up in strength and beauty in our life together this year,” he said. “May we always remember we are in this together. Let us be patient with one another, let us guide each other, and let us seek better paths.”

Head of School Craig Bradley told new Bearcats that they “are new no longer” and are officially part of the Hotchkiss community. “I hope that in your first few days you are finding Hotchkiss to be everything you imagined—full of life, learning, and adventure.”

Bradley referenced this year’s All-School Read, Gloria Anzaldúa’s groundbreaking 1987 work Borderlands/La Frontera. “One does not cross a transitional line from one place, such as home, to another, such as school, without traversing a borderland in between,” he said. “In this space, things are shared. In this space, challenges are faced. In this space, change takes place. And in this space, something new is created. Yet for this alchemy to occur in a positive way, every member of the community must feel a meaningful sense of belonging.”

Bradley then invited Bearcats to pause and think about their own sense of belonging at Hotchkiss and the belonging they can nurture for others with courage, wisdom, compassion, and patience. “As Dr. Larson rightly concluded, we are in this together,” he said. “Together is where the fun is, and together is how we learn and grow at Hotchkiss.”

All-School Presidents Anji Ashaye ’24 and Jacquo Pierre ’24 thanked faculty, staff, orientation leaders, and proctors for welcoming Bearcats to campus. They candidly shared their challenges navigating boarding school life as preps and explained how they found a strong sense of belonging at Hotchkiss. “Whether you’re a prep or a senior, you are not alone,” Jacquo said. Anji emphasized that students should feel comfortable reaching out to the community for support.

They both offered words of advice to the Bearcats in the audience: “Find the beauty in discomfort, try new things, meet new people, and truly engage in the amazing things this place has to offer.”

Hotchkiss Major School Prizes

Some of the major school prize recipients gathered to celebrate their accomplishments.

Major School Prizes

Students were awarded major school prizes for the 2022-23 academic year during Convocation. Hotchkiss proudly congratulates all recipients.

THE SUSAN KLINGER HOGLUND '80 MEMORIAL AWARD: Established in 1996 in memory of Susan Hoglund '80 by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William E. Hoglund, and her sister, L. Melissa Hoglund '76, and awarded to that member of the prep class who, in the opinion of the faculty, is most notable for spirit and good will toward others, and who does the most to elevate the tone of the class.

Recipients: Kate Dana ’26, Philip Fauver ’26, Dwyer Illick ’26, Serena Nam ’26


THE UPSON PRIZE: Established in 1903 in memory of Douglas Gilmore Upson, Class of 1902, this prize is awarded annually to that member of the prep class who is distinguished in scholarship, athletics, and citizenship combined.

Recipients: Evelyn Anderson ’26, Max Mudry ’26, Copeland Rollins ’26, Lyyli Stern ’26


THE EDWARDS PRIZE: Established in 1925 by Mrs. Emma Robbins, in memory of her son, George Whitfield Edwards II, Class of 1910, this prize is awarded annually to that member of the lower-mid class who is distinguished in the work of the year for scholarship, athletics, and school spirit.

Recipients: Petal Hammam ’25, Eleanor Helm ’25, MaryHelen McCooey ’25, Emmett Roswech ’25


THE DAVID LORD FITZGERALD PRIZE: Established in 1997 in memory of David Lord Fitzgerald ’96 by members of that class and by his family, this prize is awarded annually to that member of the lower-mid class who has completed their first year at Hotchkiss and who, in the judgment of the faculty, is most notable for their positive spirit, strength of character, and compassion for others.

Recipients: Caroline Bliss ’25, Addie Cirulis ’25, Jami Huang ’25


THE THEODORE NEWLIN PRIZE: Established in 1980 in memory of Theodore F. Newlin IV ’80 by his parents and his friends in the Class of 1980, this prize is awarded each year to that member of the lower-mid class who, in the opinion of the faculty and of the students of the lower mid class through good will, sensitivity to the needs of others, and participation in the life of the school, has made the most positive contribution to the class and to Hotchkiss.

Recipients: Miranda Beitel ’25, Drew Froehlich ’25, Dhruv Kothari ’25, Isaiah Stephens ’25


THE THOMAS W. ARMITAGE '25 PRIZE: Established in 1979 by Thomas W. Armitage, Class of 1925, and awarded annually to that member of the upper-mid class who through character, scholarship, and involvement in the life of the school has contributed the most to the Hotchkiss community.

Recipients: Anji Ashaye ’24, Francesca Farman-Farmaian ’24, Jared Hurst ’24, Naima Johnson ’24, Rett Zeigler ’24


THE ELY PRIZE: Established in 1957 by members of the Class of 1947 in memory of Donald Ely '47 and awarded annually to that member of the upper-mid class who, in the opinion of the faculty, is outstanding for combined excellence in character, athletics, and conscientiousness in study.

Recipients: Liam Burke ’24, Etta Coburn ’24, Steph Ionescu ’24, Nolan Jennings ’24, Ella McConnell ’24, Annabel Raffin ’24


THE WALLACE ESTILL '14 MEMORIAL PRIZE: Established by Joe G. and Mary North Estill in memory of their son and in recognition of that member of the upper-mid class who does the most by their fidelity, industry, and helpfulness to maintain and elevate the scholarship, spirit, and general tone of their class.

Recipients: Mimi Emswiler ’24, Armani Frazier ’24, Parth Jain ’24, Will Levy ’24, Chris Mitchell ’24


The AUGUSTUS S. BLAGDEN III '59 MEMORIAL PRIZE: Established in 1968 by Mrs. Augustus S. Blagden and her daughters in memory of her son and their brother, Gus Blagden III, in recognition of those qualities of character and spirit for which Gus was admired and loved, and is awarded each year to a member of the incoming senior class who through their participation, enthusiasm, vitality, and interest in others has helped and inspired their companions and the school. 

Recipient: Jacquo Pierre ’24


THE TOP SCHOLAR PRIZE is awarded those students who achieved the highest academic average in their class.

For last year's upper mid class: Angela Li ’24
For last year’s lower mid class: Anthony Hu
’25 and Max Salzinger ’25
For last year’s prep class: Clemmie Morlock



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