Deans' Office Organizational Updates

As we look toward 2023-24, Hotchkiss has announced new class dean appointments for next year’s senior, lower-mid, and prep classes.

Class of 2024: Kinyette Henderson
Ms. Henderson joined the Hotchkiss faculty in 2021 as an inaugural Walter Crain fellow after working for six years in Newark, NJ as a middleKinyette Henderson school administrator. She is a member of the English Department who, during her time at Hotchkiss, has focused on putting her stamp on the 150 Global Literature course. In addition, Ms. Henderson has been a key member of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts on campus. In her role as co-director of DEI this year, she was responsible for creating a broad vision for MLK Day, booking engaging speakers, and working with student affinity groups and their leaders. Additionally, she has been a member of the Wellness Committee and often collaborated on ways to infuse more wellness tactics into DEI programming. Ms. Henderson is also the faculty advisor for Hotchkiss affinity group Café and has been working to jumpstart the Black Student Union. When she is not in the Main Building, she can be found working with the sprinters on the varsity track and field team. Ms. Henderson will continue to put diversity, equity, and inclusion at the forefront of her work as she enters the Deans’ Wing.

"We are excited that Ms. Henderson has decided to join the Deans' Wing more formally," Dean of Student Life Andrew D'Ambrosio noted in yesterday's announcement. "She has been an invaluable ally to the deans during her impactful tenure thus far at Hotchkiss. She is well-positioned to guide the Class of 2024 in their final year."

Class of 2026: Mario Williams ’12
Mario Williams '12Mr. Williams has dedicated much of his life to serving Hotchkiss. As a student, he captained the boys soccer team to a league championship and was president of the Black and Hispanic Student Association. He returned to campus to serve as a summer residential fellow and teacher before settling in Lakeville in 2019 as a science instructor with his wife, Emily. He has taken on co-curricular and residential program leadership roles as the head boys varsity soccer coach and as an acting dormitory head in Coy. Mr. Williams has also worked to uphold School values as a Disciplinary Committee member and on key searches, including for the dean of student life and director of athletics. A lifelong learner, he is pursuing his second advanced degree through Columbia University this summer, and through the Science Connections program, he collaborates with students to bring researchers to Hotchkiss to share their cutting-edge work.   

"We are thrilled that Mr. Williams has joined the Deans’ Office. His experience in supporting student wellbeing and working alongside a range of adults will create new opportunities for our community to flourish," D'Ambrosio said.

Class of 2027: Maggie Crain
After teaching English and serving as the assistant dean of students at Indian Mountain School, Mrs. Crain joined the Hotchkiss faculty in 2005Maggie Crain as a member of the Study Skills Program. In 2010, she joined the admissions office where she worked for 10 years. During her time as an associate director of admissions, she oversaw the tour guide program and focused much of her attention on building relationships with families from Connecticut, the Caribbean, and the West Coast of the U.S. Her commitment and dedication to our field hockey and basketball programs have been a central part of her work with students. In the residential program, Mrs. Crain helped to establish and run the first all-gender dorm on campus and remains the head of Watson dormitory. She has become a resource for many schools that are seeking guidance in incorporating an all-gender dormitory as part of their residential life program. Last year, Mrs. Crain took the lead in revamping Hotchkiss's New Student Orientation Program, which led to a very intentional, successful, and fun beginning of the school year. She will continue to head this program in her new role as the dean of the prep class.

"We are pleased that Mrs. Crain has decided to remain in the Deans’ Wing having just served as the class dean to the Class of 2023 for three years," D'Ambrosio said. "Mrs. Crain brings a wealth of knowledge to her role as the dean of the Class of 2027."

As Hotchkiss welcomes two new class deans into the office and Maggie Crain into a new role, Class Dean Carita Gardiner P’17,’20 will continue her good work with the Class of 2025.

The new class dean appointments will take effect July 1.

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