Hotchkiss Hosts Asian American Footsteps Conference
On April 14, Hotchkiss hosted the 2019 Asian American Footsteps Conference

On April 14, Hotchkiss hosted the 2019 Asian American Footsteps Conference, a day of workshops, activities, and networking opportunities for Asian, Asian American, and mixed-heritage Asian students attending independent secondary schools in New England. The conference, first organized in 2011, was created to provide a forum for these students to discuss issues specific to their experience. This year, more than 550 students — including 75 Bearcats — participated, representing 37 schools. Forty-five Hotchkiss students volunteered at the event, and 30 led their own workshops. Rosetta Lee was the event’s keynote speaker. 
A variety of workshops were offered throughout the day, including “Part Asian, Part Something Else — What Does It Mean to Be ‘Asian Enough?’ and “Reclaiming the Voices of Asian Women in a Systematically White Mindfulness Movement.” 

“It was a great honor that we were able to host the conference here this year,” noted Nora Yasumura, prep class dean.

Prior to the conference, Rosetta Lee addressed the Hotchkiss community on April 12 with her presentation entitled “Navigating Microaggressions: Dialogue Tools for Ouch Moments” where she spoke about learning and growing from microaggressions, instead of having division perpetuate. “Let’s hold each other accountable … and learn how to be effective in this world that demands we show up well together,” she noted. Lee’s goal was to teach students to communicate clearly, authentically, powerfully, and assertively, but also relationally and respectfully. She provided Hotchkiss students with tools for self-advocacy, as well as helpful tips on handling situations when witnessing or intervening microagressions.

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