Hotchkiss Students Excel in Competitive Programming Competition

During the midwinter break, a team of three Hotchkiss students from the Competitive Programming Club rose to the challenge in The Carnegie Mellon Informatics and Mathematics Competition (CMIMC) Programming Contest. 

In the contest, teams compete in two different areas: an A.I. (artificial intelligence) round, and an Optimization round. The team of Reece Yang '21, Leopold Dorilas '22, and Arhan Chhabra '22 (pictured left to right above) placed 5th in the Optimization Round, and 16th place overall out of 236 total teams; an auspicious start for competitive programming at Hotchkiss. 

The competition was fierce. Leopold Dorilas explains: “At the very start, finding an accurate answer to all of the problems seemed far out of reach, making us question our own abilities. But after many early morning and late night zoom calls across time zones (the Northeast, the Midwest, and Asia), we were able to come out on top.” Arhan Chhabra adds, “At one point, we were in 2nd place on the live leaderboard and the other time we were 20th, so it was very volatile.” 

Hotchkiss Competitive Programming is a new campus club advised by teaching fellow in mathematics and computer science, Matthijs Van Mierlo. Members explore various kinds of problem-solving strategies, algorithmic design, and teamwork skills. Club head Reece Yang urges others with interest to participate. “I enjoyed working with the Hotchkiss team members, and I'm proud that we were able to compete at a high level during our first competition. I would encourage anyone who's interested in competitive programming to give it a try! Learning to solve problems algorithmically is a uniquely satisfying experience, and competitive programming has a great community that helps guide newcomers in improving.”

Congratulations to Reece, Leopold, and Arhan on their impressive achievement.

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