Lewitt '18 Awarded the King Constantine Community Service Medal

At an all-school meeting, St. Luke's Society board members Daniel Pai '19 and Alisa Ghura '19 announced James Lewitt '18 as the recipient of the Round Square King Constantine Community Service Medal at Hotchkiss.

Lewitt was recognized for his dedication and service to the local community as a member of the Salisbury Volunteer Ambulance Service (SVAS), which has served the local region for more than 45 years. A trained EMT, Lewitt has responded to over 100 calls in his senior year at Hotchkiss. He is the youngest member of the volunteer corps. 

Dr. Jared Zelman, a fellow member of the SVAS, commented on Lewitt's humility and commitment to helping others. In his nomination letter, Zelman remarked:  "James Lewitt independently developed an interest in pre-hospital medicine, took an EMT course, spent a summer in California working as an EMT and then asked if he could bring that skill to The Hotchkiss School and Lakeville, CT. Because of the trust that he had earned as a student at Hotchkiss, he was granted permission to have a car on campus and serve on the local volunteer ambulance squad, Salisbury Volunteer Ambulance Service (SVAS). This year he was granted membership. He has gone on over 100 calls, taking many difficult calls in the middle of the night and his involvement has led to lives being saved. He is actively providing a valuable service to the community outside of his school. He provides youthful exuberance without fanfare to the culture of the organization. He helps other students with their EMR course, and has assisted in school-related EMS calls. More importantly, James provides his skill with calmness, gentleness, and warmth. He is looked up to by others for what he has accomplished and for his volunteerism to the town of Lakeville."

The King Constantine Medal is awarded to that member of the community who has, according to faculty and peers, exemplified a strong spirit for service and devotional work for the common cause. This international award is awarded to any member of the community from each Round Square member school. Hotchkiss is one of fifteen U.S. member schools and the only Round Square member from the Eight Schools Association. 

In his presentation, Head of School Craig Bradley reminded students of Round Square's six IDEALS (Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership and Service) and encouraged students to participate in activities that promote these values.

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