Parents, Students Celebrate the Lunar New Year

When Jean Chang P’18,’21 helped organize a Lunar New Year celebration at Hotchkiss with several other parents last year, she had no idea the event would snowball into a tradition.
“It was just an impromptu celebration last year, but it was so well received that the School asked us if we wanted to be involved again. This year it just exploded,” said Chang. More than 50 parents contributed to the celebration, which was held in the student center on Feb. 4 and hosted by the Chinese Club and the Asian Cultural Club

Parents travelled from far flung places, including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, and Korea, to celebrate the holiday with their children and the rest of the community. They rolled up their sleeves to make dumplings, a traditional Chinese dish served during the holiday. The dough is folded in the shape of a gold nugget, symbolizing good fortune. They helped unpacked tray after tray of homemade rice cake desserts and other savory holiday dishes.
“Food is a great way to connect with people and celebrate the culture, especially here in a rural area, where there you don’t get to experience as much ethnic culture,” said Chang.

Students twirled sparklers outside Main Building and hung paper lanterns in the student lounge, where long, glistening paper dragon was on display. More than 300 students, faculty, and staff members attended, including some students who wore traditional Asian costumes. They sampled traditional dishes, played games, and exchanged holiday wishes.

“I really appreciated how this year we intentionally recognized and highlighted a wide range of cultures that celebrate the Lunar New Year,” said Prep Class Dean Nora Yasumura, who is also the director of student clubs and affinity groups, “What a special gift that so many parents, students, faculty, and staff were able to come together to celebrate this special event on our campus."


We are grateful for the wonderful food and decorations provided by the following families:  (Alphabetical by student’s last name)

Mr. Shengdong Bu and Ms. Ping Wang P’20 (Cici Bu)*
Mr. Shuguang Cao and Ms. Ann Chang P’21 (Connie Cao)*
Mr. Wooseok Chae and Ms. Sohee Kim P’20 (Justin Chae)*
Dr. Hui Chen and Ms. Yan (Sophia) Hu P’21 (Victoria Chen)*
Mr. Giho Choi and Ms. Mihyun Jung P’20 (Justin Choi)*
Mr. ChiYik Chui and Ms. Ting Jun Jolie Liu P’21 (Jacob Chui)*
Dr. Yoonsoo Chun and Dr. Yoonseo Cho P’19 (Eric Chun)
Mr. Tao Deng and Ms. Susan Guo P’21 (Tina Deng)
Mr. Yongxing Zou and Ms. Zhengfang (Debra) Ding P’22 (Yihan Ding)*
Mr. Ziyu Dong and Ms. Jeanne Zhou, P22 (Clark Dong)
Dr. Lei Du and Ms. Jean Chang P’18,’21 (Sarah and Alex Du)*
Dr. Taedeok Eom and Ms. Seonlim Lee P’21(Ryan Eom)
Dr. Zhiyu Ge and Ms. Ying (Gina) Zhang P’22 (Stephanie Ge)*
Ms. Christine Park P’21 (Max Bahk Grossman)
Dr. Lee Han and Ms. Julie Gao, Esq. P’21 (Justin Han)*
Mr. Eric Huang and Mrs. Teresa Huang P’21 (Ella Huang)
Dr. Hoyoung Huh and Ms. Eleanor Park P’21 (Cooper Huh)*
Mr. Weidong (David) Jin and Ms. Wenlian (Clare) Hu P’22 (Eric Jin)*
Mr. Kyehyung Jun and Ms. Heesook Yu, P22 (Ein Jun)
Mr. Nam Jae and Mrs. Katie Kim P’20 (Claire Kim)
Dr. Si Young Kim and Dr. Ji Hyeon Park P’21(Jessica Kim)
Mr. Sangwoo (Sean) Kim and Mrs. Hae Ook (Julia) Choi P’19 (Matthew Kim)
Mr. Dongwook Kim and Ms. Eugene Rhee P’20 (Shane Kim)*
Mr. Gunsu Kim and Ms. Claire Chin P’19 (Skylar Kim)
Mr. Samuyeol Ko and Ms. Kyungha Lee P’19 (Rachel Ko)
Dr. Sean Hongchan Lee and Ms. Anna Jihyun You P’20 (Shine Lee)*
Dr. Yunwoo Lee and Dr. Yunju Chung P’19 (Sue Lee)
Mr. Jingyi Li and Ms. Sonia Chen P’20 (Jennifer Li)*
Mr. JaiBeom Lim P’19,’21 (Andrew and Jeffrey Lim)
Mr. YeonSeob and Mrs. Il Soon Lim P’14,’19 (Jenny and Dajung Lim)
Mr. Qingsheng Liu and Mrs. Yuanyuan (Maggie) Wang, P19 (Hannah Liu)
Mr. Seokhee Park and Ms. Suyeon Hwang P’22 (Ilene Park)
Mr. Boris Petersik and Mrs. Watanan Petersik P’21 (Nico Petersik)*
Dr. Ke Qiao and Mrs. Zhaoling Susan Lu P’22 (Jerry Qiao)
Mr. Huichuan (Alex) Ren and Ms. Dan Yu P’22 (Stella Ren)*
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Myong Roh P’17,’21,’22 (Audrey, Spencer and Cooper Roh)
Mr. Weikang Sheng and Ms. Hong (Maggie) Zhu P’20 (Jerry Sheng)*
Mr. Chauncey Shey and Ms. Cindy Qiu P’21(Royce Shey)*
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Kieun Shin P’20 (John Shin)
Mr. Jae Myoung Shin and Ms. Hyun Sun Ko P’17,’22 (Suzy and Paul Shin)
Dr. Jan Stallaert and Dr. Sulin Ba P’20 and P’22 (Harrison and Brendon Stallaert)*
Mr. William Tung and Mrs. Leah Tung P’19 (Gemma Tung)
Prof. Ben U and Ms. Cherry Chen P’20 (I Lok U)
Mr. He Liu and Ms. Fan (Sabrina) Chen P’21 (Amelia Wang)*
Mr. Anton Won and Ms. Mikyung Kim P’21 (Alexander Won)
Dr. Hongsuk Yang and Ms. Soohyun Park P’21 (Andrew Yang)
Dr. Jinliang Wang and Mrs. Qing Yu P’19 (Theresa Yu)*
Mr. Jun Zhai and Ms. Chui Yam P’17,’20 (Jennifer and Jeffrey Zhai)* 
Dr. Yi Zhang and Dr. Junying (Linda) Li P’19 (Albert Zhang)
Ms. Yin Yin P’20 (Caroline Zhang)*
Mr. Beile Yin and Ms. Heyue Fu GP’20 (Caroline Zhang)*
Mr. Lushan Lu and Mrs. May Wang P’21 (Michael Zhang)*
Dr. Qiren Zhou and Dr. Hong Liang P’20 (Serena Zhou)*
Mr. Qing Zhu and Ms. Jenny Peng P’20 (Rock Zhu)

* Parents who came to the School and helped prepare for the celebration of the Lunar New Year.

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