Special Video Honors Keith Moon P'13,'16 as the 2019 Lufkin Prize Recipient

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the School was unable to recognize Keith Moon P’13,’16 as the recipient of the 2019 Lufkin Prize in an All-School Meeting last spring. Instead, the traditional in-person ceremony was reimagined as a video tribute. Watch a replay below. 

Head of School Craig Bradley announced the special tribute in a letter to the Hotchkiss community on Nov.16, writing, "I'm pleased to share a special video honoring Mr. Keith Moon P'13,'16 as the recipient of the 2019 Lufkin Prize. Established in 2006 thanks to the vision and generosity of Mr. Dan Lufkin '49, P'80,'82,'88,'23, the Lufkin Prize is given in recognition of faculty members who make significant contributions to the Hotchkiss community and serve as role models for the students. While the prize recognizes excellence in teaching, advising, coaching, and overall service to the Hotchkiss community, the constant demonstration of ethical character and moral leadership and a commitment to these values in day-to-day interaction with students are also critical factors." 

"Mr. Moon is a true embodiment of all of these qualities, and we look forward to celebrating him as the 2019 Lufkin Prize recipient. Unfortunately, due to COVID, we were unable to recognize him in our usual All-School ceremony last spring. As we are still unable to gather in person as a full community, we have reimagined this ceremony as a video tribute. In this video, you will see remarks and photos highlighting the incredible impact that Mr. Moon has made at Hotchkiss for over 31 years...make sure to look out for some special dancing footage towards the end!  It is also important to note that his contributions extend far beyond the Scoville Gates -- his service to the community beyond Hotchkiss is remarkable." 

Moon is an instructor in English, History, and Russian language. Read about his achievements here.

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