Strategic Priorities

Beginning in the summer of 2017, the Board of Trustees, senior administrators, faculty, staff, students, and others in the Hotchkiss community engaged in a strategic planning process to establish key priorities for the coming decade. This work followed a year-long, comprehensive, community-wide process of revising the School’s mission statement and setting forth the values of our learning community.

Asked to describe the School’s important comparative advantages, all stakeholders in this process cited Hotchkiss’s strength as a student-centered learning community that stands for excellence, rooted in a place of rare natural beauty. As stated in the values of our learning community, “Our residential community — the network of relationships created by the School’s people, place, and opportunities — is our most effective means of providing a transformative educational experience, where students may grow and gain a greater understanding of themselves and their responsibilities to others.”

These strategic priorities represent a combination of carefully considered programmatic and capital opportunities that will extend Hotchkiss’s comparative advantage as a student-centered learning community in pursuit of excellence, accessible to an even broader range of talented students.

Find out more about four current capital initiatives:

Access and Affordability: Increasing Our Financial Aid Endowment
Hotchkiss | Teacher with students

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Building a Stronger Residential Community: the Memorial Hall Renovation

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Connecting Community and Enriching Campus Life

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Maximizing the Dining Hall’s Potential as a Hub of Community Life

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